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A Mind’s Battleground

Battling Mental Illness

By Anthony ChanPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
Special Thanks to Matthew Ball on Unsplash.com

Dreadful chaos swirled in the air.

Intrusive thoughts that lead to nowhere.

Silent battles fought within their minds,

Trying to find solace they seldom find.

Restless mind yearning for attention.

Aching for relief while seeking a sense of security.

Caught in the web of life's relentless pace,

Tormented by feelings of paranoia.

In the realm of noise, their identity is lost.

Overwhelmed by distractions while they

Navigate through a maze of confusion.

Special Note: May is Mental Awareness Month so this Acrostic Poem seeks to shine a light on our efforts to Battle Mental Illness.


About the Creator

Anthony Chan

Chan Economics LLC, Public Speaker

Chief Global Economist & Public Speaker JPM Chase ('94-'19).

Senior Economist Barclays ('91-'94)

Economist, NY Federal Reserve ('89-'91)

Econ. Prof. (Univ. of Dayton, '86-'89)

Ph.D. Economics

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