A Love Letter for Troubled Times

by Colleen Kelly about a year ago in heartbreak

In Times of Overwhelming Heartbreak

A Love Letter for Troubled Times

In times when I am feeling overwhelmed and completely heartbroken

By the hate and fear that runs ramped through our world -

In times when I feel so helpless, so small,

Wondering what I can possibly do?

I remember my ability to love,

My greatest gift,

My greatest strength.

It can be so easy sometimes to extend our love,

To family,

To friends.

It can even be easy to send love to people we don’t know -

To send love to the people suffering from a natural disaster,

To the victims of horrible crimes,

To their friends,

Their family.

But our hearts are far more complex and impressive than that.

They know no limits.

They can extend their love way farther than the reach of these people.

Who says you can’t send love to someone you don’t like,

Someone you positively hate.

Hate isn’t the opposite of love.

Fear is.

Your heart wants love. It desires love.

Go ahead. Challenge your heart.

Your co-worker who irritates you non-stop.

Send him love.

Your mother-in-law who is critical of your every decision.

Send her love.

Your family member that you haven’t spoken to in years.

Send him love.

The new girlfriend of the guy who left you.

Send her love.

Your ex who broke your heart.

Send her love.

The political leader you despise.

Send him love.

The murderer of an innocent life.

Send him love.

Send them all love.

Extending love doesn’t mean you have to approve of these peoples’ actions or lives.

It just recognizes that everyone, everywhere could use more love.

When you feel angry, scared and powerless,

When you don’t know what you can possibly do,

Fill your heart with more love.

And send it fiercely throughout this world.

Send love to those troubled souls that need it the most.

Too quickly are we pitted against each other,

Enhancing the illusion of separation.

There is no separation.

We are all one.

Extending love to anyone,

Is extending love to yourself.

Your love is immense.

Your love is potent.

Your love is magic.

Lift your energy and the collective energy of the world with your love.

Extend love to those that annoy you,

Those that disgust you,

Those that scare you.

Your heart will not disappoint.

Your love will prevail.

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