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A Love Affair with Food

My Favorite Cuisine

By Beyond the BrightnessPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Love Affair with Food
Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

Oh, my favorite cuisine, how can I explain,

The joy it brings, my heart it sustains,

The flavors, the aromas, they all come alive,

In every bite, my love I cannot hide.

With spices and herbs, so perfectly combined,

My taste buds dance, my soul is aligned,

From the sizzle of the pan, to the steam of the plate,

This food, my love, I simply can't abate.

From the heat of the curries, to the tang of the sauce,

Each bite is a journey, my senses arouse,

With every taste, memories come to mind,

Of friends and family, laughter and good times.

Oh, my favorite cuisine, how you make me feel,

With every bite, my love for you is real,

From the first to the last, you always leave me satisfied,

In this love affair, I am eternally unified.

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About the Creator

Beyond the Brightness

Hi, welcome to my story page. I write what I have experienced in life, its directly from my heart. We all are connected like the stars and hence we share so many emotions and feelings. Let's feel in those words.

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