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A Life in 120 Words

by Freddy Zalta 5 months ago in surreal poetry
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Avenue M Brooklyn, NY

Slap on the back, climbing out and drinking coffee. Going to school, playing in puddles, ant on a leaf, baseball, record player, Dylan, Beatles and Reg. A man, love, love, love. A promise, a betrayal, man walking out with a suitcase and broken heart.

The Gregory, love for gold, alone. A promise, a light in the darkened streets, love love love and love. Broken dreams, betrayals and screams. Prayers and no prayers, answers and no answers to questions I cannot express. Broken heart, broken chest and alive… Lost on the way to the bank, still searching, confused, words forgotten in mid sentence, love, love, love over gold but searching for the hidden treasure… Five five, need to run and hide…

Previously published on December 4, 2021 on Wordpress https://freddythedaddy.com/2021/12/04/now/

surreal poetry

About the author

Freddy Zalta

Currently working with families to develop personal biographies to be handed down to future generations.

Also writing fiction and poetry.


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