A Letter of Heartbreaking Poems of True Love

by Shaune Lam 2 years ago in heartbreak

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A Letter of Heartbreaking Poems of True Love

Dear my love,

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I know that I don’t deserve you

But my love for you

Forever and always will

Be true

There is no life without you

When you walked away and left me behind

A part of my life went missing

Life will never be the same without you

An empty hole in my heart

While the rest slowly crumbles around it

All left to turn into a life burned to ashes

You left me without a single word

Just left me hanging

Now the only thing I live for is the hope of seeing you

Just once again

To wish to see your beautiful smile

Smiling back at me

To wish to see those blue eyes

Looking right back into mine

To say to you that I’m sorry for telling you

Anything that made you feel uncomfortable

To say sorry for all the mistakes I had made

But one thing I’ll never regret

Is saying that I love you

Because we both know it is true and

It would be the hardest thing in this world

To have to lie to you and say that I don’t love you

There is and will never be anyone like you

No one with the same smile

Or laughter

No one the same crazy as you

I miss the way you talk

In the sound of your voice

Always sounds like you are going to laugh

You are everything I’ve ever wished for

If only wishes would come true

Then you’d find your way back to me

As I will always be here waiting for you.

It is true that I miss you

So much that leaves me in so much pain

I don’t know what is to gain

From holding onto my love for you

But no matter how much it hurts

No matter how long

I will never stop missing you

As my heart, my mind, and my soul

Have already gone missing as

All was stolen by you

Since the first moment we met.

You are the light that shines in my life

Without you, all is dark

Nothing to guide me in life

Forever lost in sadness and sorrow

Longing to see you once again

To see that light shining bright

Giving me hope that there is still a chance for a life with you

A life full of love and laughter

Forever together, and never let go

I love you

And I don’t know how to tell you

You got a hint that I wish to be with you

But even so my life will never be complete

Without you completely knowing the truth

To tell you straight into the eyes

Those shimmering blue eyes

And tell you how much I love you

That you will always be in my heart

And I will never let go

I love you

Forever and Always

So sincerely I try to say goodbye,

From you truest lover,

I admit to you I love you oh so much,



So after all this can you let me know

Would you give me a chance to show you all the love I hold

The love that lies so deep, deep in my heart

And all the things I wanna do

And we would never ever part.

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