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A Letter from the Mind

by Mihaela Vasileva 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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A Poem


You should know that

I move you.

Like a conductor to his orchestra

Like an engine to its wheel

Like a writer to his pen,

I know

What the connection is

Between all things.

Certainly, you don’t move by yourself.

Convincing yourself to be that foolish is well...


Believe me,

If it were up to me

(Which it rightfully



I would shut you down without hesitation

Or doubt in my own mind.

But now

After seeing how many scars

And bruises

You’ve collected over the years we have been together

It has come to my attention that you indeed know yourself quite well.

You do not entirely need me to tell you everything.

Why, you figured it out.


on your own.

As a babe,

I watched you struggle against everything.

But mind you,

I learned through you.

How lovely, isn’t it?

You remember the monster downstairs don’t you?

The one who keeps us alive.


Tell her I said hello.

But don’t think I’ll let her control us again.

I’m trying to protect us both.

But how can I, when I know just how weak she is.

I don’t have to support her.

But if I don’t,

You’ll die.

And you’re the only thing

That keeps us all together.

surreal poetry

About the author

Mihaela Vasileva

I write based on heart. I love based on thought. I think based on truth.

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