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A Lesson Learned In Time

Good Morning Yesterday

By Kelli Sheckler-AmsdenPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
A Lesson Learned In Time
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

You touched the very fabric of my being.

I don't know if you ever really knew the important place you have held, reserved in my heart.

Each memory envelopes traces of you, weaving your essence, until it’s completely blended with mine.

Every choice and experience you had, played a part of who I am, who I was to become and who I have fought tooth and nail to avoid becoming.

Everything I love, embrace or hate about myself, a direct reaction, from a moment you had about yourself.

My heart and mind have encapsulated moments, held away for safe keeping. Protected from the tainted hands of the world - outside of your loving protection.

Music was and continues to be, the time machine, transporting me, moments at a time, back to the precious corners of my core - where you wait -

Longing for me to remember.

By Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

If only we could recapture the innocence from the child we came from.

Bottle up the pure emotion that brought us joy, hope, laughter and anticipation.

Regain the power of trust and acceptance, that came so easy, as a child.

Finding the essence of true happiness and comfort in the small and simple things.

The untarnished, unfiltered and overwhelming connection of spirit that outweighed any thing we could posses.

To imagine and fulfill the possibilities, with wide eyed wonder of what could be, that somehow eludes us as adults.


Still, I momentarily revisit my fondest memories.

By Gio Bartlett on Unsplash

Dragging towels down the tree lined, clover patched path - that led to the mossy pond, encircled with cattails.

Bull frogs and dragonflies added to the playful beauty, that awaited us.

Breathing in the fragrance of freshly mown hay, and the seemingly endless summer days that bathed us in sunlight.

Hands waving in the air, as we rode bikes, pilotless, swerving to and fro - across the asphalt pathway to true freedom.

By Minna Autio on Unsplash

Face up, smiling at the sky. Relishing the day, the moment the experience.

Not yet aware of just how perfect or fleeting it was.


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Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3 life is a journey, not a competition

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  • test5 months ago

    When a writer starts off with "you touch the very fabric of my being..." I get a little uninterested. You could say "You touched me; real deep like, deeper than hell, deeper than a cold snap on a sunny day or a cup of coffee at IHOP." Wow. I mean somebody touched you. That is amazing. Nobody has ever touched me, much less the fabric of my being. What is the fabric of my being? I guess I might know if somebody touched it: "Hey! You just touched the fabric of my being." I just don't read past that line. Time is too short.

  • Kat Thorne5 months ago

    This is fantastic!

  • Your prose poem was so beautiful, nostalgic, relaxing and blissful! I loved it!

  • Lisa A Lachapelle5 months ago

    Poems with nostalgia in them always add meaning. Beautiful

  • Ashley Shiflett5 months ago

    This is very good! Well done!

  • A wonderful prose poem. Loved this

  • D-Donohoe5 months ago

    Awesome! I am in awe of people like you that can write such emotive poems.

  • Babs Iverson5 months ago

    A simpler time is always comforting!!! No pressure, no stress, no worries!!! Lovely!!!

  • Cathy holmes5 months ago

    oh my. I want to go back there. There is incredible. Well done!

  • The Dani Writer5 months ago

    I am just living in that poem. All. The. Yes!

  • This is absolutely beautiful…

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