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A Kindergartener’s Dream

My Reoccurring Nightmare

By Holly DraperPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 2 min read

Colors fade as I drift into Dreamland

Surrounded by friends I have never met

We plan the adventure at hand

The course of action is now set

Onward, our journey awaits us

Saving the world one laugh at a time

We tiny, grayscale heroes never fuss

For our companionship is sublime

The air suddenly felt thick

Tiny hairs stand on end

I think I’m going to be sick

Something lurks beyond the bend

The boy with the bowl cut hair

My friend, the smallest of our pack

Began to look worse for wear

Morphing, shifting, he trailed back

My eyes must be deceiving me

I try to blink, but can only stare

In his place, what we now see

A long eared, beautiful white hare

Bending down to touch his fur

The pig-tailed girl scoops him up

It all seemed like such a blur

But I knew what would soon develop

I have been here before

These events cannot be changed

No longer smiling anymore

My dream becomes deranged

The ground begins quaking

Booming, slow steps nearing in the distance

Every single tree is now shaking

There is no chance for resistance

A long, stretching shadow looms near

The nightmare has just begun

Any moment now, it will appear

We have nowhere left to run

Rows of razor sharp teeth

A deafening roar slices the air

Standing tall at what had to be 20 feet

The sight always grips me with despair

Trembling with fear

I look straight into its eyes

But now it is already here

The killer T-Rex bellows to the skies

Crouching, growling it approaches

Death and decay wafting from its mandible

Upon my courage, the monster encroaches

My quavering resolve is understandable

Time converts to slow motion

The delayed echoes of screams are startling

It’s almost an inconceivable notion

To say the least, it was disheartening

With jaws open wide, teeth gnashing

The prehistoric terror eyed its prey

Our hopes of survival began crashing

A morphing bunny it would choose to slay

Fight or flight, my brain persuades

The rabbit’s head between T-Rex lips

Heart racing, my childhood innocence fades

Like delicate fabric, the rabbit flesh rips

My monochromatic Dreamland, alas

Disrupted with a mighty bite

As a red river flowed onto the grey grass

The world won’t be saved tonight

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Holly Draper

I’ve always loved writing, and I’m excited to get some work out there! I tend to write more on the dark and spooky side. So if you’re into it, check it out! My art insta is @drapersdapperdoodles, and cosplay is @drape_soda

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