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A Journey Through Despair

Finding Light in the Depths of Darkness

By Shugufta SalamPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
A Journey Through Despair
Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

In the depths of shadows, where despair holds sway,

I navigate a path, where colors fade away.

Each step a struggle, a heavy burden to bear,

Hope elusive, like whispers lost in the air.

The weight upon my shoulders, an anchor to the soul,

A relentless tide of sorrow, refusing to console.

In the silence of my mind, echoes of the past,

A symphony of sadness, a pain that seems to last.

No flicker of light in this labyrinth of despair,

As I wander through darkness, the world unaware.

The echoes of laughter, now distant and cold,

A tapestry of emotions, unraveling, unrolled.

Yet in the heart of turmoil, a flame begins to burn,

A flicker of resilience, a lesson to learn.

I stand amidst the tempest, battered but alive,

For within the storm, the strength to survive.

Through the echoes of despair, I find my voice,

A melody of courage, a conscious choice.

To rise from the ashes, like the phoenix in flight,

I'll conquer the darkness, embrace the healing light.

In the symphony of sadness, I'll compose a new song,

A testament to resilience, where I belong.

For in the heart of despair, a spark can ignite,

And guide me through the shadows, into the hopeful light.

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About the Creator

Shugufta Salam

I take care of my lovely kids and my supportive husband, making our home a happy place. As Pablo Neruda said, love is short, forgetting is long. Some things stick with us. By the way, I toned my picture, but it looks masculine.

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