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A Journey of Solitude and Peace

Tranquility of Sunrise and Sunset

By annaninkPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A Journey of Solitude and Peace
Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

In the hushed stillness of the break of day,

A new beginning rises, on this sway,

The sky a canvas, painted with fire and gold,

A serene panorama, a story untold.


The world emerges, bathed in the morning light,

As the sun breaks free from the embrace of night,

An opus of color, a spectacle to behold,

A harbinger of hope, for the young and the old.


With each new sunrise, a chance to start anew,

To chase our aspirations, and make our dreams come true,

With the sun as our guide, we'll venture forth,

With bravery and pride, and find our worth.


So take a pause, and bask in the view,

The beauty of dawn, a spectacle true,

A tranquil start, to a day ahead,

May you always find peace, as the sun rises from its bed.


As the day reaches its final moments,

The sky ablaze, in hues of pink and rose,

A farewell to the sun, as it sets below,

A tranquil close, to a chapter well-known.


With each departing day, a tale comes to an end,

And a new journey begins, around the bend,

With the sunset as our guide,

We'll lay our weary hearts to rest, and let our dreams reside.


So take a moment, to bask in the sight,

The beauty of dusk, a serene delight,

A peaceful end, to a day well-spent,

May you always find solace, as the sun descends.

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"Hello, this is Annanink. I love writing and have been a freelance writer for the past 3 years. I hope you enjoy my writing and find inspiration in it."

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