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A Heartfelt Poem For My Mom

by Amanda J Mollett 5 months ago in heartbreak · updated 3 months ago

I Miss Her Every Day

A Heartfelt Poem For My Mom
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


I wish you were here

To tell me all of the things

That I need to hear


I wish you had been here

When I needed you the most

Hell, I would even take

Seeing your ghost

I want to toast to some good times

Roast to some bad,

I do not want to be bummed out,

I do not want to be sad,

I do not want to hurt,

I do not need to be mad

I just need you here for me, to lean on

I need you to say it will be ok


I miss you


About the author

Amanda J Mollett

I am a proud mother of wonderful kids who I am trying to make proud as well. I am married and have been for 4 years. I am a writer, singer, dancer, home maker, homeschool teacher, and fur mama. I am a law student as well as work at home.

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