A Heart's Plea

by C. Reyes 2 years ago in heartbreak

Through every crack and fracture, I beg of you... take more care of me.

A Heart's Plea

I jump when you do the things you loveI endure the things you loatheI cry when you’re sadI cry when you’re happyI glow at your animationI enlarge with every puppy’s kiss and child’s smileI feel for another’s sadnessI hurt for others’ painI am a deciding toolI choose what route we will takeI choose what course we go regardless of what lies aheadI know what’s best and I know what shouldn’t beAnd I have chosen both on many occasionsI have been shattered into piecesI have been put back togetherThrough every crack and crevice love still seems to flowWe have not learned yet how to shield from breaking once moreThe terror that we may never learnYou feel with every inch of meYou shine through despite the pain you’ve seenI feel every blow you takeI sense every tear you shedThey deserve not what you doStill you continue to put me in their careGiving all of me to those you long forThey drop me on the groundThey trample on my faceYou witness it time and time againWhy do you do this to us?We’re too good to themAs big as I am, I fear for the day to comethat I can no longer be put back together

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