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A Different Way Of Love

A Poem About Being AroAce

By Sonja VogdtPublished 8 months ago 2 min read

You're all looking for a person to hold your hand

For someone to share your life with every day

Someone who will write your name in the sand

And will love you in every single way

I want people to share my life with, too

People to have fun with every day

So partly I want the same things than you

But I want them in a different way

I don't want to kiss or share a bed

There's things I just wanna do alone

But accepting that makes some people mad

Because how dare I be happy on my own?

I just haven't found the right person, they say

Because that's just what it has to be

They don't see that there's another way

But what if the right person for me is me?

No I dont wanna make out with you, boy

And people at parties think they can tell

Even if I tell them why it's nothing I enjoy

It must be because I just don't kiss very well

And some of your friends might think you're cold

Because you're not able to fall in love

I wish they didn't need to be told

Everything that I told you above

How can I be cold if all I need

Is for you to tell me you love me?

I need affection as well, indeed

And I really wish that you could see

That I don't love less,

Just not in the same way

And I wish you wouldn't assess

The way I love every single day

They way I love my friends

Who are always there for me

Whose Love means more to me than any man's

Could ever be important to me

Sometimes it hurts to know

That they still need more

That the kind of love I can show

Is not all they are wishing for

Something that stands above a friend

Something that a friend can't give

While for me that connection is a dead-end

So if I don't have a partner, then what if?

What if I'll be alone later in life

Because people will see their friends less and less

Because they only spend time with their husband or wife

And a good friend is not so important to possess?

I don't know how it's gonna be one day

Living while being the way I am

But I'm certain that I'm gonna find a way

To be happy and to not give a damn

About what people might say about me

That I'm cold or naive or I just can't kiss

Because I don't need them to see

That there's nothing in life that I miss

All you need is love

That for sure is true

But for me

That means something else than for you

And whatever you think and say out loud

I'm not afraid to say

I'm proud to tell the world

That I feel love a different way

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About the Creator

Sonja Vogdt

Hi, I‘m Sunny, 25, from Germany.

Writing has always been my passion, but especially since I've discovered writing YA books in English.

I enjoy writing and reading short stories on vocal, too. It's a great inspiration!

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  • Davina Z. McKee5 months ago

    I resonate with every word of this, though I am not asexual. I am aromantic in a world that doesn’t believe women can be that way. Thank you for writing this so eloquently.

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