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A different operating system

A poem about my autistic spectrum disorder

By Daniel HooksPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
This is a piece of art created from my imagination and AI

My iOS

is analytical

my circular thinking sometimes is an ellipses

my blacklight is the moon

I sometimes feel a sense of doom

pessimistic gloom

whether I am apple, android or Linux driving this computers machine

I laugh until I scream

My search bar is Firefox

not Google

It’s has an interesting internet history

why is a mystery!

special interests



and philosophy

A cacophony of voices

and anxiety about choices

My App Store has flaws

is yet to be developed

my operating system

has ghost code

I sometimes have to try to avoid goblin mode

I find social stuff hard

Autism spectrum disorder

It’s hard to understand

even with AI

I know I am wired differently

I just don’t know why?

By Daniel Hooks AKA Alienpoet


performance poetryinspirationalheartbreak

About the Creator

Daniel Hooks

A poet, activist and story teller who currently battles with a severe mental health problem.

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  • Grz Colm3 months ago

    Creative work Daniel. I like the rawness here! Celebrate your differences! 70 percent of the population are a bore anyhow. 😆 I don’t claim to have any answers and I don’t think I’m on the spectrum..more so chronic ocd ..and anxiety ..but socialising is hard work, agreed.. .. little steps.. that’s what I’m working on! Good luck!

  • I'm on the autism spectrum too and this was so relatable!

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