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A Deeper Understanding

A Compassionate Poem

By Mason DarniellePublished 19 days ago 1 min read
A Deeper Understanding
Photo by Jiyad Nassar on Unsplash

In the quiet chambers where hearts unfold,

A journey begins, secrets to be told.

Beyond the surface, where masks may gleam,

Understanding dwells in the realms unseen.

Eyes, the windows to a hidden soul,

Speak the language, making spirits whole.

In the nuances of a hesitant smile,

Lies the depth of a story, mile by mile.

Patience, the compass in empathy's hand,

Navigates the landscapes of shifting sand.

A willingness to listen, without demand,

Builds bridges to a realm truly grand.

Whispers of vulnerability, softly shared,

Create a tapestry in which souls are bared.

Threads of trust woven in the quiet air,

Understanding deepens, a bond rare.

Silent echoes of unspoken fears,

Met with compassion, drying silent tears.

Through storms and sunshine, together sail,

Understanding forged in the heart's travail.

In the mosaic of flaws and dreams,

Understanding's light forever gleams.

A journey beyond judgment, a sacred art,

To know someone deeply, soul to heart.

So, let us embark, hand in hand,

On this voyage where true connections stand.

In the realm of empathy, we shall delve,

Understanding, the treasure we shall unveil.


About the Creator

Mason Darnielle

My love for nature really expands my love for writing and creating pieces that anyone can enjoy!! I want to published a Poem book one day I think its important to share what your goals are, if you want to support my journey donate monthly!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran18 days ago

    This was so wonderfully written! Loved your poem!

  • Anna 18 days ago

    Great work! As we used to it!🥰

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