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A Dance Remembered

High School Recollections

By David X. SheehanPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Great Music, Live, From My Memory

Stepped outside to catch a breath

Inhaling new life, cool and fresh

Outside perfect winter, low teens

Stiff breeze smacking yet smooth on my face …

A couple of last drags from my Pall Mall

Before flicking it into the new snowfall

One last deep breath, for lungs to store

Before tripping fantastically back to the floor …

Inside The Rockin' Ramrods were in high gear

Covering songs, we just had to hear

Twisting and twining doing jump in splits

Giving all, we had ‘til the band called it quits …

Enterprise extra, WB boys twist at EB dance

Once upon a time there was never a chance

But times do change and we were bold

Beauty representing the best Blue and Gold …

Years have flown by, but memories remain

Clothes soaked from dance needing a drain

No regard for what would be on tomorrow

Living for the moment without any sorrow …

I step out of my door, and inhale life anew

And relive those moments for a second or two

With only my recollection to serve as the links

Youtube in the background, is that The Kinks?

Thank you, God, for bringing me so far

Preserving my history like jam in a jar

It tastes like honey when I do recall

Praying always that You love them all …


About the Creator

David X. Sheehan

I write my memories, family, school, jobs, fatherhood, friendship, serious and silly. I read Vocal authors and am humbled by most. I'm 76, in Thomaston, Maine. I seek to spread my brand of sincere love for all who will receive.

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