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A colourful time

by POETSKY about a year ago in inspirational
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A colourful time, I've had in this life,

Blue, gray and black, have all caused me strife,

but thanks to purple, yellow and pink,

had more good times, than of which I can think,

greens and browns, help my to sink,

into my nature, establish the link,

between myself, and that which surrounds me,

the vibrations, of all the life forms, around me,

if I see red, or everything, goes black,

set sight on the light, try not, to look back,

though it's not black and white,

there's so much in between,

like to be good as gold,

and not let eyes be green,

there's no silver bullet,

but I do try my best,

to be aware of the colours,

I express and digest.


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