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A Click of a Camera

Fake a Moment That Never Was

By Ashlyn HarperPublished 5 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash

With just a click of a camera

You can capture a moment for life

A frozen piece of time so natural

Sometimes a smile hiding the strife

Fake a moment that never was

For others to admire and love

We strive for attention and applause

Pretending there is no pain to speak of

What if we captured the real moment

With smiles faded and eyes sad

What if we showed the broken

Letting others see the bad

We might not feel as alone

If we chose to share this show

Instead of following each clone

We let our true selves glow

Maybe we would feel less small

Realize others share our pain

Maybe we would forget the fall

Helping others to start to gain

It might not do anything but show

A sad girl in a beautiful photo

But we would finally know

That none of us are truly alone

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Ashlyn Harper

A chaotic room of stories. My curiosities lead me in all types of directions, creating a chaotic writing pathway. I want this place to be for experimenting, improving my craft, and sharing new ideas with anyone willing to read them.

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