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A Bridge of Colors

by Dana Maxwell 3 months ago in nature poetry

The In-between

A Bridge of Colors
Photo by Jonathan Pease on Unsplash

I walk on the Williamsburg bridge

From Brooklyn to Manhattan,

A single structure

Connecting the largest borough with a beatific skyline

Molded into the city.

Feathery, slow-landing snowflakes hit my face,

My spring coat unprepared for the wind’s embrace.

Walking through the cold

Just the same,

The sun peaks out over the terrain.

The colors of the rainbow shine loud,

Shine proud.

Could this be?

A place of freedom for me?

I pause as the bicyclists honk their horns,

Taking over the path;

Bright yellow cabs

Whipping in and out of lanes,

The crystal blue water

Sparkling in the snow-turned rain.

The noise of the city beckons me

Its diversity, its simplicity.

The forthcoming late night

Will surely shine bright,

Like the colors of that rainbow

Piercing clouds in the sky –

A bridge of colors,

Standing strong

Standing high.

nature poetry
Dana Maxwell
Dana Maxwell
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