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A Boat In The Night

by ABJ The Poet about a month ago in surreal poetry

Let’s drift off together

You think I know….

I only feel

I try to heal, but life doesn’t give me choices

I hurt to heal

Yes I heal to get hurt again, i don’t want to go on again…

Lust becomes pain again

The tears begin to leave me again, then again, I can never win, I tried to be frantic and sane

But this is vane, no sleep, I’m insane….

I did it….

Fuck it, I did it

I killed him

I murdered him

I threw the absence away and let the mind wander astray

In the void of my expense, I succeed….

Oh the prices I had to pay...

surreal poetry
ABJ The Poet
ABJ The Poet
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ABJ The Poet

A young man with not only dreams but also a visionary perspective on how he wants his life to be founded on and what he hopes to one day gain from that, which is being able to inspire and impact anyone he possible can through his writing.

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