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A Beautiful Lie

the hypocrisy of society's acceptance and the damage it causes...

By Morgan Rhianna BlandPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
A Beautiful Lie
Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

They say there’s a place for everyone

Which we’ll find as we grow old

Build us a fairytale of acceptance

Where the streets are paved with gold

They tell us we’re all beautiful

For real beauty is found within

But the invitation is exclusive

To the ones who can fit in

People in their plastic bubbles

Take up the cause as cameras flash

Then when the colors dim and spotlight fades

Toss us aside like yesterday’s trash

They say they’re on your side

While the underdog’s all the rage

They love you then they leave you

When the calendar turns the page

Their moment’s come and gone

You’re back where you started from

Another prisoner in society’s cage

They all say different is good

They say embrace the weirdness

But the sentiments hold true

As long as they don’t see your mess

They say follow your dreams

But the dream like an ember dies

A beautiful dream, beautiful words

But it’s all a beautiful lie

Sticks and stones may break your bones

But words are the deadliest of all

So I don the mask of normalcy

Hide my true self behind stone walls

Draw the curtains, shut the lights off

Until I’m too dark to see inside

It saves us both the trouble

Of you hating what you’d find

You don’t like me as I am

And I can’t be what you wanted

So I walk this road in darkness,

Ostracized yet undaunted

I’m just a burden to society

A problem none can understand

So I lurk within the shadows

A dagger tightly clutched in hand

Like Doctor Strange, I hold the knife

So I cut you out of my life

Do the rejecting before you can

So you can keep your pity

Don’t waste time on futile prayers

Nothing you say can change me

So stop acting like you care

You can spread your false message

But you can’t pull the wool over my eyes

I know your beautiful words

Are just a beautiful lie

social commentary

About the Creator

Morgan Rhianna Bland

I'm an aroace brain AVM survivor from Tennessee. My illness left me unable to live a normal life with a normal job, so I write stories to earn money.

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