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A Ballad of T-Rex

Lost History

By Sam HudginsPublished 18 days ago 1 min read
A Ballad of T-Rex
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In lands of ancient, lost to time's embrace,

Where shadows dance in Earth's forgotten space,

A creature roamed, majestic and grand,

A titan of old, in a primeval land.

With thunderous steps, the ground did quake,

As mighty jaws parted, the earth did shake.

A colossus of scales, a towering form,

In the realm of yore, where legends were born.

With eyes like orbs of fiery glow,

Through verdant forests, it used to roam.

A king of realms untouched by man,

In the age when the world began.

Its roar, a symphony of ages past,

Echoing through time, a thunderous blast.

In the hush of night, its presence known,

In tales whispered by winds long since blown.

But gone are the days of the dinosaur's reign,

Lost to the annals of history's domain.

Yet in dreams, its spirit still roams free,

A symbol of a world we'll never see.

So let us remember, with awe and wonder,

The ancient behemoth, torn asunder.

For in its story, we find our own,

A tale of mysteries yet to be known.


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Sam Hudgins

My goal is to write more so I can improve my writing. Any tips, tricks, advice of any kind is appreciated!

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  • Jesse Rivas16 days ago

    That is awesome!

  • Ali SP17 days ago

    Very well written! Great poem!

  • Joe Patterson18 days ago

    Deserves to be a top story.

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