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8 Chubby Pockets / Everything Between and Surrounding / The Life of a Sailor

Three poems on heartbreak, subjectivity, and persistence, respectively.

By Justin MurrayPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
8 Chubby Pockets / Everything Between and Surrounding / The Life of a Sailor
Photo by Brad Fickeisen on Unsplash

8 Chubby Pockets

At some point in time...

we decided to get lost

Led North by an airplane,

our interpretation was direction

and when we looked through the trees

it was either hard to tell—

or impossible to admit.

"Do you love me?"

"Yes, absolutely. Completely. Forever."

...it was a gaze, actually.

That moment couldn't leave me;

I nestled my fingers up through the strays on

the tallest point of your neck

8 chubby pockets

had never been so full

Bangs Avenue - Asbury Park, NJ

Everything Between and Surrounding

Stuff we have and those we don't

lean on my perception

They look to me in conversation; glances as

buoys in para-translation

water dips and bobs in sonder rhythm

and all of a sudden chimes a chord

[the chord]

chance, maybe—autonomy, probably. play,

the instruments of reality

What I can see, all I can transpose,

a line of best fit, hopefully, in harmony

Deal Lake - Between Wanamassa and Asbury Park, NJ

The Life of a Sailor

It seems like the same lost soul of so many

years old still can't figure it out

This is the new line |

In a stream of consciousness

the boat ain't forever; and still, water

wanders beyond the horizon

A new line today, that's all.

The life of a Sailor;

surreal poetry

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