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4 My Critics

by DJ Nino XX 2 months ago in surreal poetry

Not stopping my blessing

4 My Critics
Criticize Your Lesson!!!

Leon: I get my God I do 4 real

DJ Nino: Yoo so what the deal

Ace: Chronics of Ridicule causin others to go pitch black

Now pitch that criticism /

Must not be a citizen /

Even tho EYE am law abiding /

Y’all want to make me /

Manchurian candidate /

See I ain’t into that kind of date /

Yet everyones a critic EYE get it /

Alway got something to say /

nevertheless don’t ever take the time to place /

The feedback in the right space /

Attempt criticize me is just a waste /

EYE criticize myself each and every day /

No criticism about me that EYE ain’t already made /

So you can get your criticism out my face /

If you can take the time to come at me in private /

EYE really don’t hear a word you say /

Your words ain’t helping gain what EYE need to make /

Some gonna get mad at these words EYE say /

Now that criticism is in your face /

Now it’s you criticism you can’t faces /

Feedbacks a gift that should be given /

If you giving it make sure you know your place /

Make sure you place it where the person is ok /

Doing it in public make it seem like you hate /

You can’t complement then say change the words you say /

That’s a contradiction but you think what you said is ok /

This is the life of a critic in this day /

EYE don’t hear a word they say /



DJ Nino XX


*disclaimer if you tell me I’m the worst you better be prepared for the full on response I don’t react I respond, REACTIONS CAUSES EXPLOSIONS AND THERE ARE ALWAYS CASUALTIES*

surreal poetry
DJ Nino XX
DJ Nino XX
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DJ Nino XX

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