4 AM Thoughts

If Emotions Were People…

4 AM Thoughts

Happiness is a child with scratched knees and a goofy smile. Holding a candy cane in sticky hands.

Pride, a soldier with his back pulled straight. Medals lining his chest like a fence around a home.

A tiny man with a hooked nose and dull brown eyes, carrying a greasy frown and a mole on his nose, is Jealousy.

A teenage girl, her skirt just below her knees; cheeks tinted red as the lipstick that has stuck onto her teeth as she giggles when she sees her crush, is Love.

And Hatred is a burly man with a prosthetic leg, eyes bloodshot and fists clenched.

Hope is a hungry child. Eating food in a long while. Where morsels stick to the corners of his lips as he gleefully shoves more in.

Excitement is a fat little girl jumping up and down as the candy man makes more cotton candy.

Anger is a little boy, tiny with a pout to boot. His fists clenched only half way because he can’t clench them more. Eyes scrunched, almost disappearing under red cheeks.

Nervousness is a frail man, skinny and balding, with jitters in his fingers.

Anxiety is woman covering herself under a shawl. A scar on her face tells her survivor story.

And Depression is a college student with a hunched back and bags under his eyes. No friends and no money in his possession. A single knife in his hand.

Confusion is a man with a map in his hands that reads in a foreign language. His eyes are always frantically searching and his lips always quiver in possible inquiry.

And the fairest princess in the kingdom is Vanity. She smiles like she owns that world and sneers at anyone who denies her beauty. Her lips red as hooker's lips, and face caked with makeup to enhance her features.

Compassion is the prettiest though. Golden locks and peachy lips. Sun kissed skin and eyes that hold the light of the moon.

And Despair is the most hideous of a all. Burned in a fire, his skin mangled in the most gruesome manner. Charred visage that was once comparable to Adonis.

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