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by Danny Fleming 5 years ago in inspirational
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A Sonnet

The year was 2016, very great!

The President is Donald Trump today.

The votes for Clinton beat, but checkmate fate

For Trump's elector college pull away

So Trump became the latest president.

The strife has gone on, shootings everywhere!

Some wonderful diversions circumvent

The worst amount of trouble and despair.

Inventions out of science fiction books

Include robots that can deliver stuff.

Chicago Cubs of baseball join the books.

The Cavaliers triumph for sure enough.

The actors in the movies captivate;

While Grande, Bieber, Gomez, fascinate!


About the author

Danny Fleming

I received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1996. I have written several sonnets. I also wrote How to Prove The Collatz Conjecture and Many Articles on Many Subjects.

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