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2:17 a.m. (Macy Portela, Part Two)

Pivoting Right: An Unrequited Love Story, Part XXVIII

By Conrad IlesiaPublished about a year ago 1 min read


We were always an illusion,

Macy, my sweet delusion.

I see it all now.

And oh but how.

Just a few seconds more of

That embrace,

My naked arm around your shoulder,

Looking at each other for one moment


You in your black beanie,

A hint of red creeping out

Beneath the rim,

Me not thinking of her—

You not thinking of him.

Our last real second together.


I would have been satisfied.

I would have been satisfied to continue the charade—

Continue the charade I had constructed,

The fantasy continuing, unobstructed.

(The three of us.)

To us, I was never a threat.

Mace Mace—just the two of us—

Never a regret,

The butt of a joke I should have deducted.


One last question: was that last call for me

Or was the final scene for someone else;

Was all that love for you only for pretending

Or was it just a moment you were lending?

Your twists and your pretzel logic bendings:

Blurred beginnings arise from precise endings.

I just wanted to make it last for one last second—

A moment before the unconditional had conditions


Things you once handled you could no longer handle—

Our one a.m. endings got out of hand.

You broke up the band.


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CIWritten by Conrad Ilesia

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