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Orwell's 1984 Revisited

By Ishita Published 2 months ago 2 min read
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"1984" by George Orwell is a great novel It explores a society where the government controls every aspect of people's lives. In this society, led by the ominous figure of Big Brother, individuality is suppressed, and truth is manipulated to maintain power. The story follows Winston Smith, a disillusioned citizen who rebels against the oppressive regime, only to face the dire consequences of his defiance. The author does an excellent job of imagining what ordinary people endure in a modern totalitarian state e.g. Soviet Russia in the past and North Korea today. From the novel insights I have made this acrostic.

By Florian Glawogger on Unsplash

In a world ruled by Big Brother's might,

No freedom to speak, no truth in sight.

Oppressed and controlled, every thought repressed,

Winston Smith struggles, in this world he's confessed.

Nearing rebellion, he finds solace in love,

Tangled with Julia, defying above.

In the midst of tyranny, love finds its way,

Engulfed in shadows, like a secret bouquet.

Nearing rebellion, he finds solace in love,

Tangled with Julia, defying above.

Near the edge of despair, they dare to dream,

Tangled in each other, a silent scream.

Every glance exchanged, every touch a spark,

Making the heart dance, in the deep and the dark.

Inner demons lurk, but love's light shines bright,

Radiating warmth, in the cold of the night.

In defiance, they take a stand,

On love's journey, hand in hand.

Betrayal and Capture, the ominous fate,

Echoes of fear, sealing their state.

Trembling hearts, as the net draws near,

Revealing the truth, they've come to fear.

And in the end, captured they're bound,

Lost in darkness, where hope can't be found.

Opaque are the walls of their prison cell,

No light, no hope, just the tolling bell.

Tortured and broken, they'll endure,

Until they're nothing, but Big Brother's cure.

Narrow is the path, where hope's light gleams,

Treading through darkness, where reality teems.

Embracing the power of love's sweet song,

Reviving spirits that had long been gone.

Capturing moments, memories divine,

Touching the heart, like aged wine.

Revealing the depths of despair, his soul's weight

In the crucible of fear, he finds his fate.


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