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by Annisa Love 4 years ago in heartbreak
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We should've met sooner.

We should've met sooner.

We should've met three years ago.

We would've shared more laughs.

More heartache.

Maybe even more love.

We should've met sooner.

Before I had known she loved you.

And she would keep me from you.

And I wasn't able to meet you 'til last year.

We should've met sooner.

So we could've made memories.

So we could've been more involved in each other's lives.

So we could've been happier than we are now.

We should've met sooner.

We could've fallen in love.

We could've broken up.

Or we could've stayed together.

And we could have each other’s heart and hold it with delicacy and our souls could be warmed by the idea that we have one another.

We should've met sooner.

Because things are cold now.

And distant since we never became close enough.

We loved for a second.

And lost it.

Because we should've met sooner.


About the author

Annisa Love

I am a hairstylist going to school for journalism. Hope you enjoy what I write! I also love to draw, so check out my Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/AnnisaC/shop?asc=u

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