10 steps ahead

by Poetic Glory 7 months ago in slam poetry


10 steps ahead

Gentle kisses, ones that I’ll be missing

I just know it won’t last; the mentality is not the same

In the meantime, grip my waist, you’re about to whisper lies in my ears, it’s okay I’ll patiently wait

Grip my hips, before you switch up and dip

Don’t play games with me, I know all your tricks, you won’t stick

I’ve heard them over and over, I’ve seen them over and over, by not just you

You can leave too

I enjoy my solitude, it’s better than putting up with you when you’re being rude

I don’t have time for costume shows

“I’m not the same”, you’re right! You’re worst

I know how to play your game better than you

I’ve been watching, I’ve been taking notes

I know your next verse, so I’m 10 steps ahead of you, hit you in reverse

slam poetry
Poetic Glory
Poetic Glory
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Poetic Glory

Poetry is a form of expression and a form of healing.

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