1,000 poems for cash

part two

1,000 poems for cash

what do you mean?

you don't really know

anything about this?

i don't know why you do that?

and you can be proud indeed.

and we are to see you.

what part in it.

what is it then?

what did dad say?

what was that about?

i'm a little confused.

i'm sorry.

i was just thinking aloud.

you're so funny.

you can't tell me

what's happening.

you have your father's eyes.

it's a good plan. the one more.

i'm fine. i thought

we were just having fun.

i can do that.

i have an idea.

what did your other hand.

i'm a big boy.

you don't know anything.

surreal poetry
tucker sampson
tucker sampson
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