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The Ultimate Pre-Launch Checklist for Your Website Design in Oklahoma City

The Ultimate Pre-Launch Checklist for Your Website Design in Oklahoma City

By myheartcreativePublished 9 months ago 4 min read

A well-made website design in Oklahoma City is a valuable tool for any business. In addition to promoting your products or services, it will help introduce you to more potential customers and share everything people need to know about your brand. As such, it is essential to thoroughly review the design before it is launched.

The pre-launch checklist for your website can be split into three primary categories: reviewing the design, double-checking the content, and running all final tests. With a DIY website, all these tasks will need to be completed by you. However, with a professionally-made website design OKC, you will collaborate with your design and development team throughout the process to ensure that your website looks and performs its best.

3 Things to Do Before Launching Your Website Design Oklahoma:


  • As a client, most of your critiques and ideas for the design will be considered before the website goes into development (so this will be some time before you need to work on your pre-launch checklist). Closer to launch, your website design team will do a more in-depth analysis of the design with a focus on:
  • Cross-device appearance. The best websites look and perform well on every device. Before the website launches, your team will ensure that the design is as it should be on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Cross-browser appearance. Of course, your website should also provide the same experience on various browsers. Your team will check to ensure everything works on Chrome, Safari, and more.
  • Image optimization. A website’s images affect user experience through more than enhancing visuals – your graphics and photos will also impact website speed. As such, everything must be properly optimized.
  • Integration testing. Anything added to your website to enhance functionality should actually do so. Your team will test forms, e-commerce tools, plugins, and more to ensure they work properly.
  • Link testing. Double-checking all of your links is an essential task that is sometimes overlooked. Your design team will track down and fix any broken links and make sure that everything goes to the right place.


  • At this point of the pre-launch phase, the client will need to do a final run-through of the website’s content to ensure that the text, images, videos, and graphics accurately reflect their brand. Your website design Oklahoma team will also do this, but in a more in-depth and strategic way. These professionals will
  • Proofread. While this will be checked throughout the design and development process, your website team will thoroughly review your website’s content to ensure that the spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Consider brand identity. It is essential that your website accurately and authentically represents your brand. You and your website team will collaborate to make sure your brand’s voice is heard.
  • Implement styling preferences. Paying attention to small details will pay off by making a positive impression. Your team will make sure that everything is formatted correctly and consistently.
  • Assess SEO. To reach new people, your website design OKC must be SEO-friendly. Even if you do not plan on starting a search engine optimization campaign, this factor can significantly impact your reach.


  • While it is always helpful to partner with professionals when creating a website, it is especially beneficial when it comes to testing the design before it goes live. Your website’s design and development team will handle this part of the pre-launch phase, with tests occurring:
  • Before the launch. Web design professionals will know how to carefully check for and prevent potential issues before the website goes live. This thorough review will help stop issues before they become real problems.
  • During the launch. As soon as the website launches, professionals will look for any glitches that may occur due to technical errors. They can ensure that the website runs as well live as it did in development.
  • After the launch. While this is not technically part of the pre-launch phase, maintenance should not end after your website is live. Your team should continue running tests for as long as your website is active.

Create Your New Website Design in Oklahoma City.

While a detailed pre-launch checklist can help your design look and perform its best, much more is involved in creating a successful website. myheartcreative’s design and development team can help you every step of the way. From our initial discovery meeting and design discussions to post-launch support and updates, we are prepared to help create and run the best website design in Oklahoma City for your unique brand.


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