The Mystery in a Photo

by Shelly Bartley 2 years ago in art

The Image That Makes the Imagination Go Wild

The Mystery in a Photo
Photograph by: Shelly Bartley

Have you ever looked at a photograph with curiosity? Standing looking down at the little square full of amazing colorful scenes; letting the imagination run wild and free; taking in every single object; thinking of the picture as though it is a new exciting adventure; wondering what magical creature hides behind one of the objects—the creature that is hiding in wait to pull you in is the photograph itself. The photograph is trying to tell the person seeing it a story in a different way.

There are thoughts that cross a person's mind when looking at a photograph. Some people have said that the thought of why the photograph was taken pops inside the mind, other viewers have said that the thought of what made the idea of the photograph come about. There are many other questions that swim around inside each individual person's mind when looking at any photograph. The few questions that were listed above were just a few examples to share.

Most pictures have a meaning behind each of them. The meaning is different for each viewer that sees any photograph. It could be a very deeply motivating piece to one specific person. The picture could just have the calming sense to it that completely brightens a person's day.

A photograph can even be used as a way of expressing a person's feelings. To categorize each expression shown in every picture is a very difficult thing to do. The person who took the photograph may have certain emotions to his or her work. Someone else that looks at the picture may not necessarily have the same exact feelings. The main point of a photograph is for the people who see the photograph to feel. A good example would be some of the pictures that are used in the news. Generally, the pictures in the news end up getting some kind of reaction. The pictures could portray feelings of sadness for a lost loved one. This is an example of reaching the viewers with an emotional piece.

Some pictures are used as a healing process to help other people. Other pictures are used to help children or even adults to learn. Once a mystery is uncovered in a picture, the person who has viewed the picture keeps looking. The person is looking in order to see if there are any more mysteries to uncover. Just because one mystery has been revealed does not mean that there are not more hiding inside the picture somewhere. The picture is to see what it reveals that is not always seen outside. In a picture, the details are paused so that none of them are missed. Pictures do not absolutely have to have a value to them. A picture is not about money or seeing how much money can be made from it. A picture is about the mysteries hiding deep inside of the bigger picture that was taken.

Personally, I see pictures like a puzzle to be solved. Pictures do not have to be in the news to create a feeling. Some pictures of the scenery outside on a beautiful day can really mesmerize a person into staring at them for hours. These are the pictures that help to create better worlds in a person's mind that help to inspire people in actual reality. The mystery in a photo holds a great many things for the audience to see. The next time you are out and about trying to take your own picture of the world outside, look at your picture to see what questions come to your mind?

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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