The Best Sports Photographers on Instagram to Follow

If you're into amazing photography as well as the beauty of sports, look no further. These beautiful photos may be found by some of the world's most talented sports photographers on Instagram.

The Best Sports Photographers on Instagram to Follow
Dave Lehl Photography

If you are into sports photography, whether it be extreme sports, surfing photographers, or landscape photographers, Facebook and Instagram are great places to feast your eyes on some of the most talented names in the game. Sports photography is a sport, in and of itself, and professionals in this area will leave you in awe with their beauty. Here are some of the best sports photographers on Instagram to follow that will blow you away with their talented and beautiful action photography.

Lucas Gilman is one of the best sports photographers on Instagram, and many of his sports photos focus on water. He likes shooting surfers, waterfalls, and pretty much anything to do with people and bodies of water. The focus he has on the vastness of the water versus the people within it is unreal. Also, the color contrast he brings to life makes him a unique surfing photographer.

David Lehl is one of those sport photographers on Instagram who doesn’t have a specific focus, yet his work is still amazing to look at. He likes to photograph people in relation to the landscape around them. It seems that he focuses on people and the road; people on skateboards, bikes, motorcycles, etc. David Lehl uses a variety of color in his sports photos as well, featuring nothing too bright, but finding a good balance between color and black and white photos. This is one of the best landscape photographers to follow on Instagram if you also have a need for the extreme.

Sam Ovidic is an award-winning sports photographers that can be found on Instagram. He shoots for Red Bull as well as shooting action photography on his own. Many of his photos are mid splash or mid jump, but they are still so clear and vibrant. Sam is one of the best action sports photographers in the game.

Kevin Winzeler is one of the greatest sports photographers on Instagram because he shoots such a wide variety of sports, yet he shoots them all so well. No matter what the sporting event may be—basketball, running, skiing, biking, gymnastics, swimming, boxing, or golfing—Kevin can shoot it. He has no rules and regulations. While you think he would lack focus by not having some defined area of expertise, he seems to shoot everything with great ease.

Brian Bielmann is one of the best surfing sports photographers across social media. Rules and regulations aside, if there is a surfer out there that needs a good photo taken, Brian is the man to do it. His wide-angle shots are amazing, and the color in each of his photos is vibrant and full of life. Each photo makes the viewer feel like they are out on the water.

Bob Martin is another one of the great sports photographers on Instagram, with many of his photos being from the Olympic games. His photos cover a variety of sporting events, such as skiing, ice skating, hockey, tennis, biking, and more. This is a great Instagram account for sports photography.

If you’re looking to get outdoors and on the water through photos, this Instagram account will do the trick. Kirill Umrikhin specializes in extreme sports and sports photography. His photos are mostly on the water and in the mountains, focusing on people surfing, wind surfing, hiking, and snowboarding.

Cober Schneider is a sports photographer that focuses specifically on outdoor sports photography and extreme sports such as mountain biking, alpine skiing, and more. He is also a landscape photographer, and takes epic pictures of the snowy and rocky mountains where extreme athletes participate in these sporting events.

As Tim McKenna says in his bio, he focuses on sports photos “above and below the ocean.” He has many surfing and swimming photos that are magical because they are shot from in the wave, on the wave, and under the wave. Sometimes, he manages to capture all these moments at once. We don’t know how he does it, but we’re glad he does.

Adam Kokot is a sports photographers who is based in Poland. The focus in many of his photos seems to be rock climbing, although his Instagram also has many personal photos as well. He has won the Red Bull Illume award, which is very prestigious for sports photographers.

Jeff Dotson is a great landscape photographer, but he also goes into the list of best sports photographers on Instagram because he has some unique sports photos that involve shadows, colors, and night views. Jeff takes a different approach than other photographers, where almost all his photos look like they are shot in sunset lighting. This makes his photos stand out.

Tristan is one of the best French sports photographers, and his sports photos show rock climbers, hang gliders, kayakers, runners, and more, in action as they take on the world. His photos are so clear, colorful, and realistic, yet it’s hard to believe they are real because they are so amazing. They take you to places you can’t imagine ever going, and that’s what photography is all about.

Zak Noyle is another one of the great surfing sports photographers out there. There seems to be so many, and yet each one will leave you in awe. Water is such a difficult thing to capture, so hats off to every one of these surfing photographers who manages to do it so well.

Thomas Morel is one of the best sports photographers around because he is a pro at capturing shots in intense action. He will get the action shot where the water is splashing, the snow is in a full cloud around the snowboarder, or anything that is too fast for the human eye to normally see. He will be your extra set of eyes.

Jimmy Chin is a National Geographic photographer, famous for his sports photographers all over his Instagram. His photos show landscapes all around the world, as well as sports photos of hikers, climbers, and skiers. Many of his photos capture the human experience around the sports of hiking and trekking, and that’s what makes his photos special.

Sarah Lee is on this list of great sports photographers because her surfing and water photos are incredibly vibrant and full of life. Each one, whether on the water or under the water, captures a different essence of the ocean or the sport of surfing. She not only shows that surfing is a popular sport, but she shows that there is joy and love behind it, too. If anyone on this list is a pro when it comes to the tips for photographing water every photographer should know, Sarah Lee is it.

Paul Bride is not solely a sports photographer, however, he makes the list for top sports photographers because he has some excellent photos of rock climbers on his page. His sports photos of climbers come from all different angles, and show the strength and adversity that come with the sport of climbing. Photos tell a story, and Paul Bride does this well in his photos.

All these sports photographers on Instagram are so talented in their own ways. Go give them a follow and check them out for yourself to see which one is your favorite!

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