The Best Places for Taking Photos

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Personal Tips and Tricks for Where to Take Photos

The Best Places for Taking Photos
This was taken in 2018 at Zion National Park.

So hear me out, okay? Don't click off and don't call this cheesy but literally anywhere is a wonderful place to take a photo. Now I'm a college student, I don't have fancy equipment or money to travel all over, but I do know when an amazing photo opportunity is before me. Ninety percent of the time, the best photographs are the most simple ones.

You don't need to travel to this well-known touristy place and hike up a million miles to find some of the best photographs you can take. Some of my favorite pictures I've taken happen to be in the tiny town I live in. If you're interested in taking pictures of nature and outdoors things, you really don't need to look far.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This was taken in 2014 in my grandparent's back yard.

Natural beauty is everywhere. I can find a million little things to photograph in my back yard that are just as amazing and wonderful as traveling halfway across the world to find. I truly believe that all life is beautiful and wonderful and sometimes it just needs the right person to expose it.

The photo above was taken in my grandparent's back yard during winter break. For once, everything had frozen over and this little twig had found itself entangled in ice. When I look at it, I see a beautiful tree with leaves made of ice and a glow that comes from the branches itself. Its almost like a fairy tale.

Sometimes you just need the right angle, focus, and lighting to really bring a photo to life.

Where You Can Go

Okay, so I know this is titled the best places to take photos and I've rambled on about how beautiful all life is all over, but now here we go. Please keep in mind that I am a college student from Louisiana. Things that I find photo-worthy and magical might be different from someone who experiences these things all the time. In no way am I saying or implying that I'm an expert or that my opinions are better then yours. I just know how hard it is to try and discover the world alone.

1.) Waterfalls

Tennessee 2016

Waterfalls are number one on my best places to take photos list. (What a mouthful...) I love waterfalls, especially the deep ones that you can swim next to. They make for wonderful photos because all the splashes are different.

2.) The Beach

Panama City Beach 2018

The beach, any beach. Do you know how many amazing photos you can get from a beach. The sand, The water, the fish, the sea gulls. Literally every part of the beach can become a great photo. We try to go once a year and I always make sure my camera has a full battery because I can spend the whole day taking pictures.

3.) Canyons

This summer I visited the Grand canyon, Bryce canyon, and Zion. I honestly was a bit let down by the Grand Canyon but that might be my fault. We visited Zion and Bryce first and it was breathtaking to be surrounded by these huge canyon walls and rock formations. When we got to the Grand Canyon, we didn't hike down into it for two reasons. One, it rained a lot, and two I have really bad asthma and the hikes down were too steep. But I really do recommend visiting all three and more if you get the opportunity.

4.) The City (Any City)

Yes, the city is on the list. Now I may be a hypocrite because I've never been to an actual city with sky scrapers and stuff, but I have seen them on the horizon at night. When the city is lit up with little fireflies among all the darkness around it, it just sounds magical!!

5.) Snow

Okay so I think this just became a list of things I want to photograph... I've never seen snow. And I mean yeah, it snows here in Louisiana like once every 12 blue moons, but when it does it's just an ice mud mixture... My goal in life is to see pure white, fluffy snow. Yes, really, that's it. I'm a very simple girl. Snow and ice are both very pretty to me. Icicles are very fun to photograph because every one is different and sometimes they catch the light just right!

Here is where I am going to end my list. While I know there are many, many, many more places that I can add here, I think five is good for now. This is more of a personal list then a "here are the five must-have places to take a picture" because like I said before, not all of these things are magical to everyone like they are to me. For example, I think the swamp is boring and it kinda smells. I have no clue why people like to take pictures of muddy water but I live here surrounded by it. To some, the swamp is magic.

Make your own list, write your own adventures, and record your own masterpieces! Farewell for now and let me know if I should do a part two. All the photos above were taken by me and belong to me.

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