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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 19)

Part Nineteen

A Sign

This made me laugh and I had to photograph it because the water underneath this sign is about 12 feet deep, so fishing beyond this point would be very dangerous indeed unless you are a giant or very fly.

The reflections of the sign on the water have a strange beauty which is another reason why I took this photograph and is further proof—if proof is needed—of how photographing anything has its enjoyment and reward.

Such a simple subject but still a very powerful photograph in many ways as you can see.

The Gathering

Swan, Seagulls, Ducks, and Geese

Once more the photography involves the beauty of birds and nature, including the seconds of movement taken with my Sony Carl Zeiss camera which never fails to amaze me and also those who see the amazing photographs my Sony Carl Zeiss camera takes, and this camera is over ten years old but still produces amazing photographs and especially the movement of the subject involved.

I am hoping in a future time to buy a Nikon CoolPix P900 camera when I can afford to, to further my seven books on the "Spiritual Truth" available on Amazon-Aunidan Christi.

I am now writing book two in the series of seven books on the "Spiritual Truth" and use quite a lot of my own photographs with them, so the Nikon CoolPix P900 will come in handy when writing about the Sun and the Moon, as well as the stars among other Heavenly Bodies.

Vocal gives me a platform to bring forth my stories, photographs, and poetry to the four corners of the Earth, so that others can enjoy my gift of storytelling, photography and poetry.

You see folks, we all have different gifts and with most of us having the ability to take photographs and tell stories, and believe it or not, have the ability to bring forth beautiful poetry in these latter days, get happy snapping and tell your stories to a waiting Earth here on Vocal.Media.

The Nutcracker

Belfast Squirrel

Nature always captures my eyes and mind and in a strange way helps me cope with the effects of my acquired brain injury.

To be among Nature is like a therapy to me, with the sights and sounds of Nature awakening my Soul and all the senses I have, within and without my Being, and that is why animals and vegetation were created to be upon Earth, for our observation and exploration. Before greed became the focus of earthly men, which began around 10,000 years ago, the beauty of your Earth has been badly damaged, even removed from the face of your Earth.

So whether it is a sign submerged in deep water, a gathering of birds, a little squirrel, or whatever, get out there and start snapping and use it as your therapy, especially those who acquired a brain injury from whatever source, because your brain is the hub or computer of your body and is where your Soul resides. When it is damaged your whole body feels that damage, as those who have suffered a brain injury know, so get out and about in Nature and heal thyself bit by bit, and I promise you, you might not be able to completely heal yourself, especially with so many distractions in your so-called modern age, but you will feel better for being out and about in Nature and Her, and Her Spirit's beauty.

Nature's Way

The Beauty of Nature.

The above photograph is like a gateway to the enchanted way, though that is just my imagination looking at a photograph and seeing what my mindset and artistic eye can see with a bit of imagination, which all of us can do with a little childhood imagination.

The above photograph location would make a good backdrop for a wedding photograph, model shoot, or a drama or period movie, but of course that is only my imagination seeing the scene in one's own mindset.

Cormorant Isle

Belfast Lough

It took my brain a while to focus in on which birds were standing on this mini island on the shore of Belfast Lough at Crawfordsburn, but the more my brain focused in on the scene before my eyes, my eyes began to see the shapes of cormorants, which is what they were, and such a beautiful bird to photograph as you will now see.

A Beautiful Cormorant

A Beautiful Bird

The colours and beauty of the cormorant in my photograph is amazing as it is perched on this dead tree branch on the banks of the River Lagan, Belfast.

When I saw this several years ago I had to snap it quietly, which as you can see I did, with the results being not only amazing, but also beautiful.

The Fly By

Seagulls in Flight

Once more my Sony Carl Zeiss camera comes top for capturing a second of movement and flight as this flock of seagulls flies by with the bareness of the trees in Winter, in the background.

I find all photographs beautiful and always look closely at each photograph just in case there any hidden gems within them.

Soul Mates

The Ripple of Ducks

I love this photograph because of the amazing colours of the Soul Mate ducks and the ripples the ducks are causing on the surface of the water.

Many believe such beauty throughout all of my stories, photography and poetry, life in general, and all other creators on Vocal.Media came about just by chance, but it did not.

As my last poem revealed, if you have read my poetry, nothing is new underneath the Sun.

You might think it is new, but in Truth it has already been in past times, the generation have little remembrance of past times, neither will the generations to come as their past disappears within three generations, unless recorded, and that which is recorded is by the victors in any Nation.

Home to Roost

The Crane at Home

What is amazing about this photograph is the size of the cranes' nest which is perched upon a riverside bush.

It is also rare to see beautiful birds up close and personal and a privilege to photograph such beauty Nature brings forth, which never fails to amaze me, and as the father or mother of the crane family stands proud upon their nest, it is as if he or she is saying, "Hi down there, snap me for your records, stories, photography and poetry."

Whenever I am able to get out of my apartment, which is about 17 hours a week, I always ask my Heavenly Guardians to help me find subjects to photograph, and as you can see in this story and the rest of my stories and poetry, the result of asking and them bringing forth many subjects to photograph is plain to see from the results of my photography. Then I add the stories or poetry to accompany those stories and poetry.

Winter's Way

Nature's Nakedness

Even stripped bare, Nature and her ways upon the trees and plant life are dramatic, but beautiful.

If is as if Nature goes to sleep for around six months, but in Truth within each living being that seems dead in the Winter cold, is very much alive, even though your so-called experts would tell you your trees and plants slumber in Winter.

Trees and Plants reduce their heart beats just like animals do in Winter, but they all still alive when they seem to slumber.

A River Lagan Winter

The Bend in the River

As the rains fall in the mountain surrounding Belfast, Northern Ireland, the streams and rivers swell as the mountain waters descend upon the River Lagan below.

Even such a dangerous river to those who forget her power and ways is a thing of beauty, with each photograph snapping a second in time, never to be photographed again, which if you think about it is quite mind blowing in an Earth full of 7.6 billion earthly human beings, knowing you are the only one upon Earth to have snapped your photograph.

Water always finds its level.

The Flat Vista

Water always finds its level as the above photograph shows and with the far off land you can see on the top right of this photograph, this Living Soul/Spirit can see no curve, so the Truth is in plain-sight even though you have been taught otherwise for decades or for 500 years in the bigger picture of things.

The calmness of the sea reveals many secrets hidden in plain-sight and because of your brain's being conditioned to believe we live upon a globe or sphere, then, few question that which your eyes and brain's see before them, and because of them not wishing to rock the boat and possibly losing their cushy jobs in their multitude of scientific fields, mouths remain shut, and the Truth is dispelled as lies, and the bringer of such Truth, which is against the norm, is mocked, laughed at, and scorned by their peers and media outlets, and then the masses mock, laugh at, and scorn the Truth Bringer as some kind of crackpot.

Fields of Green and Flat Sea

Forty Shades of Green

Johnny Cash wrote "Forty Shades of Green," while flying over Ireland, which few, unless within the old school country clubs would know, but he did, and as you can see from the above photograph those "Forty Shades of Green are easy to see," and the learning from this photograph is from seconds of sight and thoughts came a top selling song, even though the writer of that song only saw the Emerald Isle from 36,000 feet above it.

Use Vocal.Media to get your stories, photography, poetry, songs, music, and art of various fields out there for others to see, for I tell you this folks, we all have hidden talents within us and as you begin to share your talents here on Vocal and sharing them with others, the more you will enjoy those gifts you have had within you since birth and before.

You just need to find yourselves and the talents you have hidden within you.

If you like my stories, photography, and poetry, and can afford too, please leave a tip so I can try and achieve my goal of becoming an established Author and to reach my goal of getting a Nikon CoolPix P900 camera to aid in all my projects on Vocal and Amazon.

To those who have already tipped me and read my stories and poetry, and have seen my photographs within those stories and poetry, I thank you so much.

Best Wishes:


Aunidan Christi KPGS
Aunidan Christi KPGS
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