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Marvel's sixth phase of work planning

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By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

Earlier, Marvel had announced at San Diego Comic-Con many planned works of the 5th-6th stage, of which, the planned works of the 5th stage are all and told, but for the 6th stage of planning IP, from 2024-2025 only 3 were announced.

They are "Fantastic Four", the opening of Phase 6, and the two "Reunion" series "Kang's Dynasty" and "Secret Wars".

In addition to that...

In the sixth phase of the timeline, marked by the slotted time point there are 8 empty positions, for these "slots" earlier Kevin Feige said that will be announced in "another day", now see the probability will be announced after the D23 event in September on the remaining works.

And to remove the three works already scheduled time, the remaining several time slot is 2024 autumn (2), 2024 winter, 2025 winter, 2025 spring (2), and 2025 summer (2).

For these points in time, although Marvel has not been officially announced, the outside network has some works predicted, let's take a look at it.

[1] "Spider-Man 4" (2024), earlier Sony Pictures said that "Spider-Man" in the "heroes without return" will usher in a new phase, there may be a new trilogy, but, at present, Dutchy's new contract has not been implemented, for the time being, Sony Pictures has not yet officially announced the specific new works.

But basically, people outside the network predicted that there will be a "Spider-Man 4" online in 2024.

【2】 "Armored War" (fall 2024), Marvel's "Armored War" is Marvel very early in the official announcement will have episodes of the series, earlier for this episode I have chatted, the content may focus on the crisis of Stark technology.

From the current news, the show is expected to start shooting in October-November this year, in 2024 online.

[3] "Marvel Man" (Winter 2024), earlier Variety has reported that Marvel is developing "Marvel Man" episodes for Disney +, "still gas" director Destin Creighton as "Marvel Man" episode executive producer, and Andrew Geist ("God's annoying detective") as the lead writer.

As of now, the series is likely to be online in winter 2024.

4] "Eternals 2" (2025.2.14), earlier "Eternals" actor Patton Oswalt has revealed that the sequel to the Eternals is in production, and in the future of Marvel's "Con Dynasty" and "Secret Wars" may allow the Eternals such buggy warfare to join them.

And match the "Kang Dynasty" and "Secret War" point in time, the early 2025 time point online "Eternal Race 2" will be more appropriate.

[5] "Marvel Girls Season 2" (Spring 2025), from The Direct website, although the second season of "Marvel Girls" has not yet been officially scheduled for a second season in Disney streaming, many actors and crew members have already made a lot of "comments" for the subsequent second season.

And from the first season of "Marvel Girl", Kamala in the episode is also left a lot of extended branch line points, such as her "mutant" genetic problems, before the show's writers have said: If the episode development goes well, the second season will lead to more mutants, and even the X-Men are possible!

[6] "Nova" (spring 2025), the role of Nova in fact, from the period of the "reunion 3" there has been news that will be on the line, from the rumors that Marvel originally planned to Nova in the "reunion 3" on line to after, intends to go online "Nova" of the single work, this role has been popping up from time to time to show a sense of existence.

There is news (not hammered) about the "Nova" episodes will start production in 2023 and will be online in the spring of 2025.

[7] "Moonlight Knight Season 2" (Summer 2025), Marvel's "Moonlight Knight" is also not yet officially confirmed for a second season, but the cast and crew recently began to hint at this point, after the first season with the MCU linkage is relatively distant, the follow-up will involve Jake Lockley, maybe in time for the Moon Knight" to join the "Secret Wars" of the Avengers to establish more links and plot padding.

[8] "Hulk World War" (summer 2025), earlier there was news that the Hulk character as the center of the "Hulk World War" project seems to be under development, according to the news of the foreign network media, this work may be "female Hulk" series to serve as a bridge (there is unconfirmed gossip that "female Hulk" may even lay the foundation for Hulk World War).

As of now, if it is hammered, it will probably be released at a point in time in between the 2 "reunion" IPs of Phase 6.

The above sixth phase of the work planning is for your reference only, the specific you can wait until the subsequent September Disney D23, waiting for Marvel to further disclose the sixth phase of the gap work planning.


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