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The reunion 5" key characters

Uncle Mark "hint"

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Recently, along with the "female Hulk" is about to go online, Mark Ruffalo and the female Hulk actor Tatiana Maslany have also accepted several media interviews, which, in the interview, Uncle Mark's "suspected major spoiler" words, triggered a lot of fans and media attention.

In the interview, when the female Hulk actor Tatiana Masrani half-jokingly said to Uncle Mark, Uncle Mark has played the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than a decade, now give her a year in the Marvel Cinematic Universe time to play the female Hulk it.

This half-joking words, but what you get is Uncle Mark: "You have now come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there will be no next "Avengers" without you ~"

Good guys, this answer although Uncle Mark did not explain again, honestly this sentence if the actual words, the meaning behind it is not the same, which means that in the "female Hulk" there may be a significant impact on the subsequent "reunion 5" ambush, or even, itself female Hulk this role in the subsequent Marvel Cinematic Universe will become the new core setting.

This, Tatiana Masrani is also a shock, then and Uncle Mark for confirmation, but Uncle Mark as the old man of Marvel, this anti-spoiler awareness or have, directly back to an "I am everything I have heard", perhaps, Uncle Mark know is only these.

After all, the time of the "reunion 5" is still early, and the script and other estimates have not been written, naturally, there is nothing that can be more dramatic.

Of course!

If you look in the direction of what Uncle Mark said, the female Hulk as the core of the subsequent set of spinoffs, many fans may think -

Arcadia Warriors!

In Marvel's setting, the Arcadia team is an all-female team IP in the 2015 Marvel event "Secret Wars", debuting in the Arcadia team spinoff comic, in terms of membership, the main core members of the Arcadia team are Captain Marvel, female Hulk, Dazzle, Crystal, female version of Rocky Hill In the "Secret War" branch of the comic book, the core members of the entire Arcadia team are Captain Marvel, female Hulk, Dazzling Sound, Crystal, female Rocky Hill, Spectrum Monica, Imitation Bird, Spirit Butterfly, Phantom Cat, and others.

This team in the "Secret Wars" event is indeed led by the female Hulk, so if in the subsequent Marvel reunion of the "Con Dynasty", Marvel wants to online a purely female heroes composed of "women The "Avengers" team, then, the Arcadia team may be a very good choice.

After all, having seen the final battle of "The Reunion 4", Captain Marvel descends, the film gives a reunion of all female heroes "assembly" of the footage, to a large extent also understand that this is Marvel is hinting at some of the subsequent "female team" may appear, and In the interview, the female Hulk actor Tatiana Masrani had also expressed her desire to lead the Arcadia team, to some extent, this is considered a one-two punch between Marvel and Tatiana Masrani.

So, really on the screen to see the "Women of Vengeance" assembly of a scene, there may still be.

It is worth mentioning.

Also in a recent interview with Tatiana Maslany, who was a guest on the Comedy Bang podcast with Scott Aukerman, it was revealed that she almost played another Marvel character before playing the MCU character.

Aukerman: "So far, you haven't been part of the MCU. They've been trying to get you."

Tatiana Maslany: "I've been trying to get them."

Aukerman: "Really?"

Tatiana Masrani: "They turned me down many times."

Aukerman: "Why? What did you try?"

Tatiana Masrani: "Venom. Unfortunately, not for Venom. But for Venom's girlfriend or something."

Aukerman: "Venom's girlfriend?"

Tatiana Masrani: "(Laughs) Yes."

Aukerman: "Not even Tom Hardy's - Eddie Brock's girlfriend, just Venom's girlfriend?"

Tatiana Maslany: "(Laughs) Just Venom's girlfriend, just the symbiote's girlfriend."

Aukerman: "Who do you want to date?"

Masrani: "She's out. (Laughs)"

However, then Tatiana Masrani is also said that now she is very satisfied with the "female Hulk", looking forward to Tatiana Masrani in the episode and the subsequent performance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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