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How images fit into our modern lives

Photos are a wonderful way to capture life's moments and preserve them for future generations. Our cell phone camera makes everyone We are talented photographers, but there are people who are more advanced and creative when it comes to providing photos that provide a unique viewing experience.

By fayzakPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

The latest trend in photography is turning to abstract sources and insisting on simplicity. Advanced photographers look at photos

As a way to tell a short and unique story, using simplicity and basic motives.

With the introduction of new technologies such as mobile photo editing and maintaining a fast pace of photo sharing on social networks, the feeling

The simple and special at the present time makes this art more accessible than ever.

The abstract image becomes an artistic language

In a modern world that focuses on speed and a focused pace of life, there are people who observe the smallest and most everyday details, and capture the magic in them. The abstract image becomes an artistic language in itself, and the ability to capture life's moments in a special way becomes a feeling that cannot be given up.

Over the past few decades, images have entered our daily lives like never before.

Smartphones and wonderful digital cameras have made photography something we do almost every moment, and photos have become one

From the favorite and most common form of expression in recent times.

How exactly do the images fit into our modern lives?

Sharing experiences in real time:

Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok allow users to share and view photos in real time.

This allows everyone to be part of a wider community and receive feedback and inspiration from other users around the world.

Communication and artistic expression:

Creating personalized and designed photos allows each person to express himself and his feelings. Editing options, filters and tools

Graphics enable a unique and artistic creation even for people without a professional artistic background.

A place for memories and courage:

Photos serve as memories that we can keep and share with others. They document the important and special moments in our lives, and help us

To share dares, experiences and changes in our lives.

Source of inspiration and culture:

The photos serve as a source of inspiration in various fields, such as art, design, fashion and more. Popular accounts on the web are especially followed, and they provide countless new ideas and articles for inspiration.

Here are some photography tips:

Lighting adjustment:

Try to shoot in natural light as much as possible. Daylight gives unique shades and colors to the image.

If you have to shoot in poor lighting conditions or at night, try using a flash or an external light source to ensure proper lighting.

Picture frame and composition:

It is important to pay attention to the picture frame and make sure there are no unnecessary objects that interrupt or end the picture in an unwanted way.

Try to combine elements in the layout of the image, such as creating a unique vision path or combining elements in the general layout.


Make sure the focus is installed correctly. Most automatic cameras rely on the focus automatically, but it is better to make sure that the central object

In the picture it is in the original frame and in correct focus.


Pay attention to the background in the picture and make sure it matches the main subject. Unnecessary details or a noisy background can damage the viewing experience.

Artistic approach:

Don't forget to make your photos unique. Try to bring a personal and artistic perspective to the picture. It is important to be creative

and try new things. Don't forget to share photos and get comments to develop as a photographer.

Here are some recommendations on cameras that are suitable for beginners:

Canon EOS M50 Mark II:

A popular and recommended camera for beginners.

A compact electric single reflex camera with a high resolution APS-C sensor.

Offers high-speed shooting, fast autofocus and 4K video recording.

Nikon D3500:

An excellent first camera for those who are starting out and want a DSLR camera that is easy and simple to use.

Good resolution APS-C sensor and a variety of Nikon lenses available.

Offers natural photography, a sensor with high capability in low light conditions.

Sony Alpha a6000:

An advanced camera with many functions, but at the same time suitable for beginners.

High resolution APS-C sensor and fast focus system.

Small and light body that is convenient to carry.

Fujifilm X-T200:

An excellent camera for beginners looking for a unique style.

APS-C sensor, beautiful touch screen and friendly shooting functions.

Includes manual shooting modes that will be used by beginners to better understand the basic parameters of photography.

Panasonic Lumix G7:

Excellent camera for shooting video in 4K quality.

Touch screen, and advanced photo functions.

Micro Four Thirds sensor is small and wonderful for everyday use.

Before you choose a camera, take into account your budget, your photography needs, and the technical details that suit you.

Also, you should try to see the camera in the store and test its use before you purchase it.

There are several ways you can make money from photos. Here are some options:

Stock photo sale:

Stock photo sites, such as Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, allow you to upload and sell your photos to a wide audience.

Unique, high-quality and diverse photos

Custom photo sales sites:

There are sites that allow you to create a store and sell your photos directly to customers, such as Etsy or SmugMug.

This is a good choice for photographers looking for money from selling unique and quality work.

Invest in building an additional audience through social networks, or a website:

There are digital creators who take pictures every day and profit from advertisements, sponsors and the sale of products related to the world of photography.

Images serve a central role in the age of technology and the Internet in a variety of ways:

Sharing experiences:

Images serve as an effective visual medium for sharing experiences. Thanks to social platforms and easy sharing options, photos make it possible

For people to share their lives and experiences in a spectacular way.

Sales and Marketing:

In the internet age, images are used as an effective design and marketing tool. Web pages, social networks and online stores use images

To create inspiration, contact with the audience, and sales promotion.

Content creation:

Taking a picture can be used to convey a certain message. Without it, creating content online would be lifeless. it could be

Images for articles, blogs, YouTube videos and more.

In the era of advanced technology and the internet that brings back life and soul, images become a visual language that takes place in real time and connects

between people from all over the world. With each pixel that comes to life, we create our own digital timecode. With quiet hands but

Full of creativity, we can take the digital edition of our lives and turn it into personal branding, for sharing experiences

powerful and for the creation of a dynamic world that spreads through every pixel.

In love with the digital world, image creation has never been so important.


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