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Do You Love Taking Pictures? How To Turn Your Hobby Into Cash.

by Angela Fosnaugh about a year ago in how to

Selling your photography has never been easier!

Do You Love Taking Pictures? How To Turn Your Hobby Into Cash.
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a kid. Everywhere I’d go, a camera always came along too. Until a couple of years ago I never thought about actually making money from them. It was just something I enjoyed doing.

I was watching a video on making extra income and they were talking about how you could take one photo and make money over and over on that one picture. It made a lot of sense with really no investment other than a camera and these days our phones have that already figured out for us so I looked up a company that they spoke of called Getty Images. I’d never heard of them other than seeing their name on my chrome-cast, little did I know that they sold stock photos and you could become a contributor for them if accepted. I figured it was worth a shot to send in their required numbers of photos and see if I heard back from them, which I did. I love photography so very much and couldn’t believe that such a huge company had accepted me. Landscape and nature photos are my favorite type to shoot but they like photos of so much more.

I then started looking up other companies to contribute to and came across Twenty 20. From what I read it seemed like another great way to sell, so I signed up and you can not only add your photos to their site for possibly purchases, you can also join fun challenges and gain an extra little cash and acclamations from them.

I then came across a company called ViewBug. I wasn’t sure what this company was really about so I got on their site to see. I’ve been with this company for about a year now. At first it was just mainly challenges to win super cool prizes but they have recently began selling photography too so this is another site that you can add your photos too. It’s a fun site. You can get awards for your photos and they may also get sold too, adding a few extra dollars in your pocket. All but Getty Images let you start adding right away. No waiting period to be accepted.

This was never about the money for me, it was just from the pure joy I get from capturing my life and my moments through a lens but I have to admit when I actually sold my first one, I was shocked and overjoyed that people actually loved my pictures as much as I loved taking them. As time went on the excitement never faded when my stats rose.

There are benefits with each of these companies and I highly recommended you check them out. It’s nothing that’s going to get you rich quick but you’re already enjoying the process of taking the pictures so why not add it as a passive income stream?

I then decided to start selling them on my own and came across Send Owl. I’ve only been using it a few days but it seems like an easy way to advertise digital products. You can use their quick sale links to promote your photos. There are no fees associated with any of these platforms except for Send Owl which offers a 30 day trial with no credit card required and then it’s $15 each month which seems extremely affordable to me. Check them out, if you know of any others that have provided you with a great platform to sell from leave me a comment, I’d love to hear how you’re selling yours.

I’d love to have you follow my photography journey. You can find me on Instagram @ through_teal_eyes.

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