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Convert PSD to PDF With a Top-Rated Editing Tool

PSD to PDF Converters

By Daniel WilsonPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Efficient and adaptable editing tools are more vital than ever in the current digital era. Converting PSD files to PDF is a typical chore for creatives and graphic designers, whether it's for document preparation for printing or sharing designs with clients. Selecting the best PSD to PDF converter tool for your requirements can be intimidating given the wide range of options available.


As a skilled graphic designer, I will examine many PSD to PDF conversion tools in this detailed guide, including their features and usability, and finally point you in the direction of the best editing tool that I have used and found to be successful in my workflow.

Examining Tools For Converting PSD to PDF

Adobe Photoshop

Probably the most used program for working with PSD files is Adobe Photoshop. Although it has strong design creation and editing features, it might not have as much usefulness when it comes to converting PSD to PDF. Users might have to manually convert PSD files to PDF, which can be difficult and time-consuming.

Professional photo-editing software that also works with PSD files is called Affinity Photo. It provides smooth PSD to PDF conversion as well as sophisticated editing options. Designers and photographers alike favor Affinity Photo for its user-friendly interface and robust toolkit.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

PSD file editing is made very easy with this free and open-source image editing program. Even though it might not have every feature that Adobe Photoshop has, GIMP has a powerful toolkit for converting PSD files to PDF. It is a flexible choice for graphic designers on a tight budget because of its extensive plugin library and adaptable UI.


Pixlr is a cloud-based program for modifying photos; it has paid and free versions. Pixlr is mostly meant for fast edits and tweaks, but it can also handle PSD files and offer some basic PDF conversion features. For consumers searching for an easy-to-use PSD to PDF conversion application, its accessible interface and low complexity make it a suitable choice.

I Love PDF 2

i love pdf 2

This is one of the best editing tools out of all the PSD to PDF converters on the market. i love pdf 2 user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make converting PSD to PDF simple. i love pdf 2 provides all of its functions without any cost, in contrast to other applications that could have expensive subscription costs. i love pdf 2 has all the tools you need to efficiently edit and manage your files, including the ability to convert PSD files to PDF and combine, split, and compress PDF documents.


Photopea is an online photo editing tool crafted specifically for PSD files. It provides a range of editing features akin to Adobe Photoshop. With Photopea, users can effortlessly convert PSD files to PDF format while accessing advanced editing tools such as layer management, filters, and blending modes.


CorelDRAW is a unique vector graphics editor with built-in support for PSD files. It offers robust editing tools and an intuitive interface, simplifying the process of converting PSD files to PDF. CorelDRAW empowers users with precise control over design elements and ensures high-quality output suitable for professional projects.


For those who use Windows, a free image editing tool is Paint.NET. While it may lack some advanced functionalities, it supports PSD files and provides a straightforward interface for converting them to PDF format. Paint.NET serves as an ideal choice for users seeking a lightweight and user-friendly solution for their editing needs.


Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor that supports PSD files through third-party plugins. While its primary focus is on vector editing, Inkscape can also handle PSD to PDF conversion with the assistance of plugins. It caters to users who prefer open-source software and require basic PSD to PDF conversion capabilities.

The Best PSD To PDF Converter

As a graphic designer myself, I've explored numerous PSD to PDF conversion tools, but none have impressed me as much as i love pdf 2. Its straightforward interface and wide range of features have made my workflow more manageable and saved me important time. With i love pdf 2, I can convert PSD files to PDF smoothly, keeping layers intact and preserving the essence of my designs.

Furthermore, i love pdf 2 capability to translate documents into various languages has proved invaluable for collaborating with clients worldwide. And the cherry on top? All these features are absolutely free, unlike other converters that offer limited functionalities for free and charge for premium features. This makes i love pdf 2 the go-to choice for graphic designers and creative professionals.


Converting PSD files to PDF is a vital task for graphic designers and creatives, and selecting the right tool can greatly impact efficiency. While numerous PSD to PDF conversion tools exist, i love pdf 2 shines as the top-rated editing tool.With its intuitive interface, unique features, and free access to all functionalities, i love pdf 2 offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for converting PSD files to PDF.

So, enjoy to friendly conversion processes and welcome smooth editing with i love pdf 2.

Check out my detailed article on the Top-Rated PDF Converters for All Needs to optimize your workflow efficiently.


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  • galina moroz14 days ago

    Nowadays it is very difficult to find a good company that converts documents into different formats, because they usually do everything with errors. I found such a company is professional typing services and in the end they converted as many as 10 of my documents and you know, I will contact them again. Because they work very professionally. Since I am a student, I work with documents every day.

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