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Ways to fill your soul with joy


I started my day packing up my things, It was Sunday and I was ready to go back to work, drive back from Sydney to Canberra.

I saw my son that weekend, so I was really happy and I carried his smile with me, but something was bothering me.

Lately, my life became like a loop; every single day for me felt like it was the same as it was yesterday. I've never felt like that before. Labour and job, work and sleep, and so on, every single day.

Probably tired, emotionally, physically, lots of things were happening, and I've been fighting them all, but sometimes you just get tired of it all, and for a while, those little bugs get to you.

A fast decision was made, "fu*k this, I'm going for a ride."

I never allowed things not relevant for a good life to control me or overcome me, but sometimes they sneak in, and you get the taste of it; it sucks.

So I went out, started driving, found some routes, roads, dirt, bush, and I loved it. Enjoyed lunch somewhere near the Nepean dam, saw amazing birds, animals. I was with my thoughts, my camera with me, landscapes, and at that moment, I didn't need anything else, I was at peace.

Driving is just one way of dealing with things that try to get on top of you, ruin you, and bring you down; there are many, and you should use them all.

Exploring new places, seeing new things, meeting new people—for me it's an inspiration, and I enjoy every second of it.

And I don't need holidays to go and have a great time, to see the places I've seen; it's a day, a couple of hours, any moment you can use, just go and live in your own world whenever you can until you move into your own world completely. It depends how bad you want It, and how much you want to sacrifice for it.

I was really happy taking this trip, just making that decision, taking a longer route back to Canberra, my car looked like a car that just came back from the jungle. I took amazing photos, did a short vlog, and it was fun. My mind and my soul found all the things I forgot for a moment: happiness, creativity, ideas, all those little things that bring you up.

I can't wait for my next trip, and I can't wait to share my experience with you.

Australia has amazing places, and God help me, I will see most of them, and if I can, I'll try to see all of them and document every single place.

Oh yeah, I love writing also, not that I'm good at it, it just makes me feel really good sharing my stories, experience, and connecting with other people.

Stay happy, be safe.

Rijan Hamidovic
Rijan Hamidovic
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