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Can You Take Good Photos With An LG Cellphone?

As per the feature photo, I’m still using mine.

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Taking good photos with your old LG cellphone could be a tricky business. However, the industry elites see the importance and demand people show in that department of the phone. So they now have built-in cameras that would make the best professional photographers proud.

As far as the camera's in-house features and movement meaning. ‘With the camera software,’ you can manipulate the photo to Rembrandt perfection right there by hitting a button.

This story comes about twofold, one just reading a fun Vocal Media article by Raymond G. Taylor called ‘Have cell phone, will capture.’

His story did hit home with me because my passion and training was on an older Pentax 35-millimeter camera that I still have. Same theme cameras because they capture images, but by far, way different than today.

Back then you had to work hard, you had to know your camera and the limits of your equipment to take those one-of-a-kind photos.

After you are pleased with the results, of coerce, you're really not sure how they turned out until you get the film developed and prints made.

Maybe you made “The Photo of the Century Club” or maybe you didn’t.

But if you took 35 mm and if you were not good to start with, take photography seriously you can only get better and that’s where the pride comes in.

Today with AI technology, sorry to say, it takes the fun out of knowing your equipment or being good at photography. How can you say with good conscience, say …I took that…. For a person that brags they took that Rembrandt one-of-a-kind photo, no, not really.

The cameras of today, put clouds where there were none, but light in that special poorly lit area that you screwed up and needed a little touching up. Perfection is what that cellphone or camera is programmed to do.

The LG cellphone that I still own is an older blister and still use it, it's broken, dunked in water, totally abused, and the lens is even scratched. And hence, it forces me to open up Photoshop to do a little creating adjustments.

But even then, I feel I’m cheating.

I’m from the old school and in a few years, me and my outdated thinking will be out of here.

But the learning curve is that I’m getting really good with Photoshop. And saying that, the program version I use is probably around my age. So that shows my proud age.

I know many people that never made it this far.

The broken-out dated camera works; it does what I want it to do and no sense in replacing it or my cellphone/camera. They work.

One day I might get around to replacing the front but we're good today.

The Second Part Which I Find Also Fun And Challenging is a Community On Medium That I participate in; ‘Called Six Word Photo Challenge.’

This is where you take a photo and describe it in six words. Every month the organizers have a different theme. with, THE LINK IS HERE.

This fun community for Photographers to join and they are always looking for new blood and stories. I should warn you, there are some quirky layout rules but once you’ve done it a few times, it works and is a fun challenge. As far as the article I read earlier, here is the link and my comment.

Previous read Having a cell phone will be captured by Raymond G. Taylor

My comment on his article.

My background is the same as your opening comment; however, a camera is just a machine. The skill, the sharpness of the eye of the person holding it, is the key. You have to point it in the right direction and, at the right moment. All cameras come a long way to make a novice look good, but you have to train yourself to see beauty in this strange world, and many are lacking that.. good article. 😀 By the way you did well with your cellphone/camera. 👍

And that my friends, cannot incorporated into the new cameras, LG, or Apple cellphones. I come down to a human again.

That machine/camera does not see all the beauty that surrounds you, you do.

Can You Take Good Photos With An LG Cellphone? 'I still do.'

Thanks for reading.

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