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Best Camera Straps the Photographer in You Needs

What's more important than making sure your beloved camera doesn't fall to its death? These best camera straps will make sure of that and much more.

By Leanna DavisPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

There are so many options on the market for camera straps, but which are the best for your photography? These are the top ten best camera straps the photographer in you needs.

From classic neck and shoulder straps, to ones with a bit more cushioning, and even some with fun designs, these are the best options for your cameras on the market. Which will make it into your camera bag?

PH Peak Design's Cuff Camera Wrist Strap is one of the best camera straps for its compatibility and versatility. Compatible with DSLR, point and shoot, and compact cameras, this strap is made with Dyneema Anchors that will prevent wear and tear on the strap's materials.

You can even convert the strap into a bracelet when you're not using it! It looks sleek, is easy to use, and can be taken anywhere.

Next on our list of the best camera straps is BlackRapid's Sport Breathe Camera Strap. As an easy to use strap that allows for fast access to your camera, this product is a cross-body strap meant for right-handed users.

With an adjustable length and nylon webbings, this is a quality product that will be worn draped from your left shoulder to the right hip. They also have an alternative product for left-handed users.

We had to include a strap that features a fun design, because not every photographer enjoys the basic black options.

As a universal and classic neck and shoulder strap, the camera is compatible with most camera with the use of accessories. This product happens to be blue with a floral design, but there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Use this strap as either a sling, shoulder, or neck strap. Peak Design's Slide Strap is one of the best camera straps for its comfortable fit and smooth materials. The surfaces feature a reversible and gripped material for wear and tear.

Plus, there is an added quick-connecting anchor link system for easy application. It even comes in three colors such as the shown red, navy, and classic black. It is also compatible with any of Peak Design's Capture camera clips.

OP/TECH USA's Utility Strap-Sling is made with one-inch wide nylon webbing and non-skid surfaces. For only $20, you will get an adjustable cross-body strap with a capacity up to 15 pounds.

Its internal control stretch system is featured to absorb any shock from quick capturing. Plus, attaching the strap to the shoulder pad and gear is an easy and fast application each time.

Joby has created one of the best camera straps with their UltraFit Sling Strap. Compatible with CSCs, Super Zoom Cameras, and DSLRs, the design is perfect for any photographer. As a classic strap for easy capturing, it's designed with instant access in mind.

With fiberglass-reinforced hardware and soft edge webbing, the strap will contour to your body and lock in your camera with ample security. Plus, it will distribute the weight of the camera around your shoulder or neck evenly.

This Pro Loop Strap by OP/TECH USA is one of the most comfortable straps on the market. With a non-slip and slightly curved pad and attached loop connectors, this strap has a classic design that is meant for easy access and extreme comfort.

Lightweight and compatible with most cameras (and even binoculars), this strap is perfect for any photographer. You won't leave the house without it.

Yet another product from OP/TECH USA, their SLR Wrist Strap is also one of the best camera straps for any photographer. As a great strap for DSLR cameras with lenses, the strap is simple yet productive.

Only 11 inches in length, it has the capability of holding up to ten pounds; this strap is heavy duty and comfortable. Plus, it comes in four different colors: black, forest green, royal blue, and steel gray.

Another simple yet productive strap on our list, this adjustable wrist strap by Olympus is one of the best money can buy.

For only $4, the Olympus wrist strap is compatible with most compact digital cameras and is a great strap for beginner photographers as well as a backup plan for your heavy-duty camera straps. Simple yet sturdy, you won't leave the house without it.

Last, but not least, on our list of the best camera straps is this sturdy leather strap. With a 15.2'' camera attachment strap, this product is made of quality English Bridle leather.

With black hardware and brown leather, it looks classy, supports your camera with confidence, and is easy to use. Plus, it's compatible with the Money Maker Harness and the Holdfast Accessory Clip to amp up your gear.

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