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World's Easiest Way To Train Your Cat To Stay Off The Kitchen Counters!

If you're tired of seeing your cat jump on the counter and spread hair and germs where you prepare your food, then these super quick step-by-step methods are for you!

By Ernesto BuenoPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

One of the most widely recognized questions requested from new cat owners is the way to keep their cats off the kitchen counters. Indeed, many individuals have basically chosen to live with it (cats will be cats, right?). Yet, it's really smart to attempt to bring an end to your cat's bad habit for a couple of reasons.

Your cat invests a lot of energy scratching around in the litter box. Do you need those same dirty paws on the counter where you set up your food? Likewise, cats might attempt to take food from the counter, and that is not simply irritating and messy - many people's food are absolutely harmful to cats!

Furthermore, a cat that is prone to hop on the counter doesn't have the slightest idea when he may be bouncing right onto a hot oven, so it represents a security danger. Counter surfing is an exceptionally normal cat behavior and frequently a troublesome bad habit to break. In any case, it's certainly feasible!

For What Reason Do Cats Love Countertops

To prepare our cats to stay off the counters, first, how about we investigate why our cats are so unyielding on being on them. It's no mystery cats like high places where they can look over their territory. Whether it's a shelf, a table, or your counters, they love to be high up.

Also, add in the way that you're doing interesting and nice smelling things at the counter and your kitty will need to know what you're doing. Additionally, that is where your cat's food comes from! What cat would have zero desire not to be there?

Always Keep the Countertop Clean

Without acknowledging it, you might leave "treats" for your cat when he hops on the counter. Each time food is forgotten there and your cat tracks it down on the counter, that is a prize! A reward for being on the counter! Assuming there is food (or anything your cat wants) on the counter, your cat will keep going there. So, keep them clear and clean.

Use "Booby Traps" on The Counter

Cat Behaviorist and author of "Think Like a Cat," Pam Johnson-Bennett suggests getting a few cheap placemats and covering them with double-sided tape, as Sticky Paws (which won't leave any sticky buildup). Just put the placemats on the counter when you're not utilizing it. Cats don't like stepping on sticky strange surfaces, so when they hop on the tape it'll feel awkward to them and they'll bounce down. Ultimately, when you notice your cat isn't jumping on the countertop any longer, have a go at eliminating the placemats one by one.

Feline Mentor and author of "Catification," Jackson Galaxy suggests utilizing a motion-detection air blaster, as StayAway or Ssscat by PetSafe. At the point when your cat leaps on the counter, they get a loud impact of air that will frighten them and take them right down.

Do Not Punish Your Cat!

Many individuals use shower jugs or penny jars to terrify and punish their cats for counter surfing. This isn't a good idea!

Cats, by in large don't respond well to discipline since they don't make the association that their way of behaving is the reason they're being punished. Secondly, punishing your cat just hurts your relationship with your cat!

Many people will say, "I should simply show my cat the water jug and he will take off!" and that implies your cat fears you and the water bottle, but they don't fear jumping on the counter. Furthermore, he will keep on hopping on the counter when you (and the water bottle) aren't anywhere near. We want to make your cat understand that the counter is the problem, not you.

Give Options

Allude back to the reasons your cat needs to be on the countertop, and afterward give an adequate second option.

Assign a spot nearby, like a cat tree, seat, or a bar stool, where it's acceptable for your cat to see you and observe the environment. At the point when your cat goes to that spot, give her treats to reenforce that behavior.

Be Persistent!

Ensure everybody in your family knows the guidelines and builds up consistency. With time and patience, you will eventually train your cat to stay off the counters!


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