Why Boxers are the Greatest Dogs

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And Why I Think So

Why Boxers are the Greatest Dogs

About seven years ago I was in a relationship with a female and we both decided we wanted to get a dog. My niece had put her purebred boxer male with another pure female with plans to sell them. I let her know as soon as I found out what she had planned, that I wanted one. When the puppies came I had my hopes up and was ready to pick one out.

I don't know how but, she forgot I wanted one and sold them all. I was crushed. I had my hopes up so high that I had already started buying things for it. About 3 weeks after she told me they were all gone I got a phone call from her. She told me that one of the girls that bought one of the pups had to move and would not be able to keep the dog. She asked if I was still interested and I told her, "absolutely!" She said she would bring her over that weekend to see if I wanted her. I already knew if she brought her for us to see, my home would be the pups new home as well.

That weekend came and she brought the puppy over. She was amazing. She forgot to mention that she was white and not the common flashy color that most boxers were. Sad to say about 25 years ago, breeders would euthanize white boxers because they were more likely to be born blind, deaf and have a higher chance of getting cancer. Needless to say, I didn't care about those things at all and told my niece I would take her.

I took her to the vet to get all her shots and was told that if I had he fixed, it would lessen the chance of her getting cancer in her older age. So as soon as she was six-months-old I took her for the surgery. I named her "Pearl" because of her white color. That dog was my best friend. Unfortunately, the girl I was with at the time and I were not on the best terms. So, I took Pearl with me everywhere.

I can honestly say, I didn't really train her in the sense that someone would train a dog. She was just with me so often, and I spoke to her like a human. It was like she understood everything I said to her. Sometimes I didn't even have to speak to her at all and she knew just what I thought. After me and my ex split up I told Pearl if she wanted to stay there, she could. But, she jumped right in the car with me as if to say, "I'm with you dad."

In 2012 I was in a bad car accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. Being as which I could not get around my mother's house in my wheelchair, I had to move to a handicapped accessible apartment, and was unable to take Pearl. I was devastated. Not only could I no longer walk, I no longer had my best friend by my side every day. She stayed with my mother and needless to say my mom fell in love with her just as quick as I did.

In 2015 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my father and Pearl lived with her and had done everything they could to keep her comfortable. In 2016 my wonderful mother lost her battle with cancer and passed away the day after her birthday. The minute she passed Pearl jumped on the bed with her. It was like she knew exactly what was going on and wanted to be close to my mother one last time.

Pearl now lives with my sister and my dad goes and spoils her as much as he can. I wanted to share this story to tell everyone how loving and loyal dogs are in general. Seeing the things Pearl has done in the seven years I've had her has really amazed me. Anyone that says dogs don't have a personality, needs to spend some time around a boxer. I'm sure they will be quick to change their minds. If you enjoyed this story please feel free to donate to fund future entries. Happy holiday and have a wonderful new year.

Fellow Knee
Fellow Knee
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