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Sir Meows a Lot

By Sydney Lee JonesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Rupert, Rupanzer, Chonknado

In the midst of a blustering October, I felt myself drawn to the website of the local animal shelter. Typically, I can’t bear to scroll through without the intent to adopt. But this particular day something pulled at me to visit the website. I jumped online and found myself on the adoptable cats page. Although I already had my wonderful tom cat, Cricket, a voice inside whispered that I needed something more. I scrolled through the many adoptable pets that tugged at my heart strings until I landed upon an old and grey cat. “Sir Meows a Lot” it said. His big glowing eyes looked deep into mine and I knew I was hooked.

That day I drove to the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter and visited “Sir”. There he sat, in his little cage with his paws sticking out the bars. I quizzed shelter staff on him and learned the depths of what he had been through. They told me the heartbreaking tale of old “Sir.” He had lived in a rental home but the family moved on. A year later, as someone new occupied the premises, they discovered an emaciated and partially blind cat living alone beneath the porch. The landlord recognized him as the previous tenants, but had no desire to care for him, so he turned him into the shelter. There, they nursed the old man back to health. They learned that he was 12 years old, and had an eye condition that affected his sight. Once healed up and ready for a new home, many families rejected him due to his lifelong need of eye drops and treatment. He lived in the shelter for seven months before I came across him. The older man who volunteered at the time told me of the love “Sir” had to offer. How unique he truly was, and I believed it. The volunteer staff pulled him from his little cage and let me spend time with him alone in a room. That day was one of the best days of my life. Not only playful, but full of life and adventure, I fell in love with little “Sir”. I knew I had to take him home. As we spent hours in the room together, he rolled about. He exposed his curly belly to me while begging for pets. He sat on my lap and purred, soaked up all the love he could find.

That day I made all the arrangements to take him with me. I begged my roommate to come meet him, knowing she would love him as intently as I did. As soon as she felt the same as I did, I signed all the paperwork and paid the fee. Brought him home in a cardboard box as a makeshift crate. I sobbed deeply the whole drive as he meowed feverishly at me through the small holes punched through the box. Uncertain if he was happy or afraid, I cried harder. Once we arrived, I set him on the couch as we looked at each other curiously. It sat quiet for a very long time, until finally I said. “I think I will call you Rupert. Sir Rupert Micheal Meadors Jones.” He let out a soft mew as a reply and nudged my hand alongside his spine. I knew then that we would be inseparable. My small shadow runs between my feet, sleeps upon my hip, and begs for my dinner. Whenever I call he is there and whenever he meows I listen. My lap is his favorite home and no matter where we go, we both are certain we will be together.


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