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Train Your Puppy at Home

by Chara Haikela about a month ago in training
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My little cuties

Adding a puppy to your family is one of the most exciting moments for a dog owner. Watching your puppy explore the world, learn a lot of new things every day and become your best friend is a rewarding and wonderful experience. There are many first things along the way: your first walk, the first swim, the first fetch, the first night without a restroom break, when the dog catches frisbee for the first time, when you make him a patio in your favorite restaurant, when you take him to visit your family the first time. Puppies are cute and fun, but they can also get you hooked. They are not so good when they bite your headphones, have an accident on the expensive carpet in the living room, or bark violently at a fictitious intruder at midnight.

If you are crate training a puppy, make sure you have a crate large enough for an adult size. Your puppy grows big from the time you meet him to her grown-up size. You can adjust the size of the crate by inserting a divider and making it smaller first. For daytime naps and transitions from the crate, he needs one or more comfortable beds. Puppies love beds with raised edges. They like to sleep with their backs and heads touching something. It must remind them to hug their littermates. If possible, get a towel, blanket, T-shirt, or similar item from the house where the puppy grew up and try to put it in bed. The familiar scent calms the puppy and helps her fall asleep. Young puppies are like little puppies in that they don't know when they're tired, they need to take a nap and sometimes even fight it. This is where it's very convenient to have a snug part that makes your puppy sleepy-it will make it easier for your puppy to stay in place and rest a little.

Scolding a puppy for getting your carpet dirty does nothing but make him think you're crazy. Similarly, ancient methods of punishment, such as rubbing a dog's nose in her poop, are very strange, difficult to imagine, and highly doubt they have worked for anyone. On the other hand, praising a puppy for doing the right thing is most effective for everything you do together in life. Make her think she's the little dog Einstein every time she does these simple and natural acts. Cheer, applaud, throw cookies and be enthusiastic about your admiration. Let her know that no other achievement is as important as that piss. Reward your puppy with one of their favorite treats and make sure they are nice and small and easy for your puppy to digest. If you find her crouching while urinating or defecating, pick her up and get out immediately. Pay her praise and attention when she works outdoors. Remember that prevention is key when it comes to house training.

"My lap dog keeps piddling on the rug!" This is common among people who have toy dogs. Some trainers recommend teaching small dogs to use the litter box indoors, much like cats use the litter box. In addition to the pee pad, there is a real dog pot for indoor use. Yes, you can train your dog at home, but it may take some extra time, attention, and effort. "My dog ​​keeps peeing where the accident happened." It's probably because you didn't clean the mess efficiently, and there's still a smell that indicates this is the best place for that toilet. Make sure you have enough enzymatic pet stain cleaners in your new puppy care kit and follow their usage carefully. "I gave her the run of the apartment and there was a mess when I got home." This is a common mistake made by dog ​​owners. There are some early signs that the puppy is getting the idea, and declares victory too soon. Even if your puppy is always doing what you want, stick to your schedule to make sure good habits are rooted.

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