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Tips For Surviving A Wild Animal Attack

Dangerous animals and how to survive them

By Awe Gideon Published 3 months ago 6 min read
Tips For Surviving A Wild Animal Attack
Photo by Francesco on Unsplash

The first animal is the shark. There are many shark species, but the most dangerous are the great white sharks. A shark is unlikely to be bothered with killing you because it dislikes the taste of people. Instead, it will most likely take a chunk of muscle from your hip or abdomen, and if that breaks an artery, you will most likely bleed to death. If you go swimming in a shark-infested area, avoid urinating or bleeding into the water because the smell of blood or urine can attract sharks.

Most sharks will approach you out of curiosity, so do not flash like a fish or you will tempt it. If you meet a shark face to face, do not back away or panic, as this will make you appear more like prey.Target its eyes and gills or strike it in the nose with all your effort; these are the most sensitive areas of its body and may cause it to swim away defeated.

The next animal is lions. We all know that the lion is the King of the Wild, and it is exceedingly terrible. A lion will Chomp its jaws around your throat, crush your windpipe, and choke you to death. If you ever run across a lion, make sure to gaze into its eyes and keep your eyes on it. Do not back down, run away, or break eye contact. Throw your arms around and make yourself look huge and threatening. The predator will try to avoid touch. Talk to the animal in a rather loud and bold voice, making noises and motions.

If this doesn't help, battle the animal with anything you can get your hands on, such as rocks, stones, branches, and weapons. This behaviour will make you appear confident rather than a victim. It will also trick the queue and make you seem like someone to be avoided.

The next animal is the elephant. Despite their appearance of being calm, serene, friendly, and harmless, elephants have killed more people than sharks because they are swift and easily agitated. They will stomp and gouge their prey to death, so be aware of how they move. Watch its ears. If they are curled in, it is preparing to attack and run you over. If they are spread out, it most likely won't hurt you, If the animal is determined to attack, back away cautiously, climb a tree, or hide behind a rock or other object that can act as a barrier between you and the animal.

The next animal is a snake. Snakes are among the most deadly and venomous reptiles in the world, and their venom can either cause a blood clot or stop your heart from beating. If you're hiking in a snake-infested area, make sure you're dressed appropriately by wearing long pants and boots to prevent the snake's fangs from piercing your skin. If you come across a snake with its head raised and coils tightly, back away cautiously and move in a different direction. If it appears to be chasing you, stomp the ground to startle it away. If you are bitten by a snake, lower the affected body part beneath your heart to slow down the flow of toxins into your blood. Avoid trying to extract the poison by pulling the tail above it. Find the closest hospital.

Next is the mountain lion, commonly referred to as a cougar; these animals tend to appear out of the blue and enjoy stalking their prey. If you come across one, be sure to stand tall and make yourself noticeable. Fearless: Don't run away from fear or try to hide because doing so will make you appear more vulnerable. Whenever an animal strikes, try to stay upright and maintain eye contact with it. If you fall, the animal has a higher chance of injuring or killing the animal. If the animal exhibits hostile behaviour, scream, wave your arms, strike it forcefully with a knife, bat, rucksack, rock, etc., assault its eyes, and use all of your might and savagery to fight for your life.

The next creature is the wild dog, which is vicious and intimidating and often hunts in big bands. Eighty percent of the time, once they've located their victim, they'll strike fast and kill it in under a minute.

Although they are not very interested in attacking people, wild dogs may be extremely nasty and deadly. Their unique characteristic is that they will first gut you before devouring you alive. If they do attack, though, you should hope for assistance and prepare to fight desperately for your life.

The next creature is a grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are the only bear species that attacks people, and they do so out of rage rather than a desire to consume humans. If you come across a grizzly bear, avoid climbing trees since they are capable of doing so. Instead, be calm and retreat gradually. Avoid speaking in a loud or aggressive manner that could induce the bear to perceive you as a danger to its authority over its territory. The next animal is the wolf, though wolves are shy and prefer to avoid conflict. If you are attacked by a bear, play dead and attack its eyes and nose with violence and brutality. If this doesn't deter the bear, it may back off. Avoid looking directly at the bear and try to appear as submissive as possible. Do not try to run or back the animal. It will cause it to attack you immediately if you are attacked by it; play dead; and if it doesn't leave after that, attack its eyes and nose with violence and brutality. This might deter the bear and cause it to back off.

The next animal is the wolf. Although wolves are shy and prefer to avoid contact with humans, in some scenarios they can attack humans. They have very strong jaws that can dismember. Chomp and crush your windpipe and suffocate you to death. Do not run because these animals can run at a speed of up to 60 m per hour. It will make the wolves see you as prey. If you get surrounded by a pack of wolves, shoot to kill, attack with anything you can lay your hands on, and make sure you do not fall. If not, you will end up being their lunch meal.

The next animal is the kangaroo. As much as kangaroos do not seem as dangerous as otherwise wild animals, they can cause fatal injuries. They tend to jump out of bushes and catch their prey unaware. If you ever encounter one cough, like you have a disease or hooping cough, this will deter the kangaroo. Do not try to look bigger or exert dominance; instead, act submissive and back off slowly. Do not run because if you do, it will see that as a challenge and jump. After you do not back the animal, instead, turn sideways and back away slowly.

The next animal is the hippos. Hippos may seem like friendly animals, but they are responsible for most wild animal attacks on humans. A hippo sees you as a threat if you come between it and its body of water. It can open its jaws and mouth very wide, chop on your midsection, and sever you in half. They are mainly out of the water if the weather is hot or there is a drought. Hippos can run up to 30 mph, so if you ever encounter one, run immediately and climb the closest tree, rock, or hill and wait there till the hippo leaves. Crocodiles are the largest reptile and have the strongest jaws on Earth, and they kill over 2,000 people every year. Crocodiles chop on their victim and thrash it AB to rip off their flesh before swallowing it alive. If you sight a Crocodile swimming, don't shout or take actions that will catch its attention. Swim away slowly and quietly. If you're attacked by the Croc, hit its eyes and throat with all your strength. This will make the animal drop you from its jaws. If you happen to encounter a Croc on land, run away as fast as possible, so the next time you encounter these wild animals, I am sure you'll be able to apply a tip or two to protect yourself and survive the attacks, and that brings us to the end

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