The Tale of the Mysterious Piss Puddle: Part II

by Maranda Carene 3 years ago in cat

Did I mention the piss puddle in question was on my kitchen table?

The Tale of the Mysterious Piss Puddle: Part II
Avy has the best hiding spots.

Warning: another cat story.

So I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume you read my story about my cat, Bailey. To sum it up: basically one of my four cats was peeing on the table, so I used the process of elimination to determine that it was, in fact, Bailey peeing on my kitchen table. Or, so I thought.

Lets dive back into the topic.

So I have four cats, two male two female, all spayed and neutered. I have this piss covered table. Who's responsible? I thought taking one cat away at a time would determine who it was. Makes sense, but for some reason, I no longer believe it was Bailey.

Let me give you the facts:

At first I thought it was one of the females because, well, they're just bitches. So I did my whole process of elimination, removing the cars one-by-one and locking them in the bedroom together until it stopped.

I knew it wasn't my male cat, Ruutu, so he never made it into the room. He was pretty happy being the only cat for a day.

Any-who, that's irrelevant. Moving forward, I put the first female in there; the newest one, Oduya, and there was still pee on the table. So I grab the other female, Avy, and throw her in there. This is where it gets fuzzy, the table was cleaned when I threw the other female in there, but when I got home the next day only the area under the placemat had pee on it. So did I miss the underneath of the place mat, or was Bailey to blame? Me being the lazy person I am, I blamed Bailey and threw him in the room with the girls. After that, there was no more pee on the table (I was rooting for you Ruutu, so thanks for not letting me down).

Everything was fine until last night when the night the pee reappeared. So here's what the night consisted of, and the events that unfolded before the puddle was back.

The night started off great; I decided to let the cats out of the room so they can free roam. When I opened the door, Oduya and Bailey were happy to see me but I couldn't find Avy. These cats were locked in a ten-by-ten room. Not many places for Avy to hide, but I couldn't find her. I ended up giving up and leaving the door open. We cleaned and tried getting the house looking better all night. About two hours after I let the cats out, I spotted Avy for the first time. She was sitting on the kitchen table Yes, the same table that originally had the pee on it. We said hello and went on our way cleaning. We brought in a new bookshelf and put a blanket on the bottom of it for Bailey to lay on, cause quite frankly he gets in the way and is horribly annoying. This bed gave him somewhere to lay down, out of our way. He loved it. He stayed there all night and didn't get up once. The other cats were relaxing, also. Oduya went back in the room and laid on the chair. Avy was still on the kitchen table, and Ruutu in the master bedroom. Something was off though. Every time I walked past the kitchen table Avy would whine loud. Normally, she was quiet. So, every time she would whine, she would not leave the table either, which is odd, but I continued cleaning. I walked past her ever so often because I have to pass through the kitchen to get to the garage. The next time I walked past the table, something caught my eye. What was it you ask? A FUCKING PUDDLE OF FUCKING PISS, WITH AVY OVER IT, TRYING TO CLEAN IT UP. Are you SERIOUS? I'm over here blaming Bailey for it, and it wasn't him at all.

Poor cat. I think I owe him some catnip. Avy owes me a new table.

Maranda Carene
Maranda Carene
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